*It was one big dance and everybody was connected to each other.  I felt a magnetism towards the middle of the room, with all of us.  Super nice strong focus on the jam.  Nice awareness of the space. 
*I had the feeling of being moved all the time and I didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything.  It was just happening to me.  I might have had ideas of what could happen but in fact I was moved inwardly or outwardly without making decisions by myself. 
*I felt a strong connection. It was easy to get in and out of contact. It was all like one dance. 
*Collision of impulse from movement with cultural norm… empathic and connection of humor when a hand almost relaxed into a position of landing softly on someone else’s butt. 
*Back to back sitting pair.  When she left I expected a sense of emptiness but it didn’t occur.
*I loved the moment when everyone was lying still and that I could take photos … it was an image of connection.
*In the small dance I found a connection with the other groups which was more in front than behind. (comment: afterwards we found out, that Geneva – in our backs- had shifted their time schedule and had started 2 hrs. later…) I felt only one dance the whole time and that I actually danced with everyone here. 
*I love the small dance.  It is really not to be forgotten. 
*For me the whole thing changed after we had the moment all together in the middle.  Before that I disengaged first mentally before physically ending a dance.  After that I was not thinking any more and it felt better.
*It was beautiful.  Although there were a few moments when the impulse to end a dance came not from me.  I felt deserted.   I also found a beautiful rolling and it was absolutely like swimming.  I was looking at the pretty picture of a foot in my hand and loved the telescoping idea.  That was new for me.
*I felt very relaxed watching people and watching dances.  It was like looking at a landscape and sometimes the landscape looked back.
*In the beginning I felt alarmed and uncomfortable because I realized it was all contact.  I wasn’t sure if I really wanted this.  There was a moment when I felt I had to leave.  And I stepped over this moment and looked at people and started to feel the floor and the other people.  And then I was in and there was no thought anymore.  I was just in.
*I felt very accepted soloing and it was very easy.  Sometimes I’m very much bored with myself. Today I wasn’t.  It was leading me to nice coincidences or crashes or tangents. 
*I witnessed a moment of intimacy when one was facing the wall and another person was rolling by the wall.  They stood very close, looked at each other and smiled. very sweet. 
*I find it interesting to experience the diversity in the bodies in smoothness and tonus. I had many dances and different dances.  It was like shopping bodies and body texture.  
*As soon as I entered the score, I forgot about it.  That always happens to me. 
*For me it was the opposite.  I thought about the score again and again.  I like the idea of taking it home and putting it into different situations. 
*I enjoyed the fact that there seemed to be a common agreement about that neither grazing nor engagement had more value than the other.  There was no judgment. 
*Some changes of dancing partners went so quickly that I felt a very strong difference in the quality of the contact.  One was dynamic and the next was smooth and slow.
*Grateful  theory before… so much wanting and planning  wonderful thousand possibilities


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