Global Underscore (GUS) is excited to announce that it is taking on sales (US & International) of:

CQ Dance Kneepads
$17 each 1–9 kneepads
$16 each 10-19 kneepads
$15 each 20+ kneepad

International orders: 
10 Kneepad limit.
If the order does not get to you through a problem with your country’s postal service, you will still be responsible for the cost of whatever extra cost we have. This is does not happen very often!

CQ CI Sourcebook I (1975–1992)  $26.
CQ CI Sourcebook II (1992–2007)  $30.
CQ CI Sourcebook III (2007–2018)  $32.

Mike Vargas’ 86 Aspects of Composition Card Deck  $25.

GUS gives a portion of the proceeds to Contact Quarterly (CQ), an online dance resource/archive/newsletter/digital store website.

Until our store is launched (it is under construction!), please **email us** your order, name, and address. Orders are shipped once a week.

CQ Dance Kneepad