Global Underscore (GUS) is excited to announce that it is taking on sales (US & International) of:

CQ Dance Kneepads
$17 each 1–9 kneepads
$16 each 10-19 kneepads
$15 each 20+ kneepad

International orders: 
10 Kneepad limit.
If the order does not get to you through a problem with your country’s postal service, you will still be responsible for the cost of whatever extra cost we have. This is does not happen very often!

Mike Vargas’ 86 Aspects of Composition Card Deck  $25.

GUS gives a portion of the proceeds to Contact Quarterly (CQ), an online dance resource/archive/newsletter/digital store website.

Until our store is launched (it is under construction!), please **email us** your order, name, and address. Orders are shipped once a week.

CQ Dance Kneepad