One element that makes the GUS practice different from a regular Underscore is the Facings.

The Facings will consist of two 5-minute Stands/Small Dances during the 4-hour GUS Practice, that create a spiral that circles the earth 3 times.

The Facings are a way to connect Underscore dancers around the world doing a specific action at the same time.

Dancers do the 1st Facing (at the 50-minute mark) facing a GUS site to the East.

Dancers do the 2nd Facing, during the final 5 minutes (at the 3-hour 55-minute mark) facing a GUS site to the West.

The Facings are “our dates with the world” as Nancy would say. Nancy would spend time considering who and where each of the GUS sites were. She would imagine facing the backs of the dancers of the next site and that next site facing the backs of the dancers of their next site, and so on — transmitting a kind of attention (or intention) around the world.

The GUS team figures out the order of the GUS site Facings. Facilitators will get the list of all the GUS sites, and the order of whom is facing whom, a few days before the GUS Practice. Facilitators can then give the GUS Site list and Facing order to the dancers of their GUS site.

If you have any questions about the Facings, please email us.