Tokyo Japan / Harvest GUS 2018

23 June  11pm-3am 24 June /  as modified jam scoreat night park( clay soil and grass) after rain. we all worn the raincoat &rain pants, few parsons took off those soon. (all photos were darkness always, yes! midnight outside !!!)opening stand / facing  Buffalo, NY  ,  closing stand/ facing  Warszawa, Polandparticipants: ゆあさてつろうTetsurou Yuasa ,  成田護 [...]

Monterrey, Mexico . Harvest GUS 2018

Participants Martha Cecilia Marcoux (Saltillo), Catalina Castilla (Tampico), Catarina Lino (Portugal), Esteban Fredin, Fabiola Santamaria (Veracruz), Raúl Ramos, Daniel OntiverosSharingDaniel’s observations: We must be comfortable with one’s self in order to engage with others. The group is more comfortable with des-control, than the year before. The bass improvisation was a highlight moment. The need to [...]

Newcastle, Australia – Global Underscore 2018 Harvest

 Participants: Annette Nathalia, Noel Gueco, Shoshanna Hindmarsh, Donna Lane, Owen Davis, Rachel Bond, Rahkel Bose, Christina Constantina, Luke Falcon. Started with words and diagrams. They looked intense. We reflect, we connect. We started our silence.We dance together. We draw apart. We couple. We triple. We fall into a mountain of bodies.We cuddle, we sigh, we breath [...]

Harvest: GUS2018 Shenzhen, China

The facilitator :圆圆肚肚yuanyuandudu work with 王剑锋JF-wang.Talk-Through: 8:00 pm, UTC+810:00 pm - 2:00 am/Modified Jam Score 10:50pm opening global Small Dance facing Monterrey, Mexico1:55am closing global Small Dance facing Guangzhou, China小舞蹈视频圆圆肚肚 yuanyuandudu2, 王剑锋 JF-wang  3, 韦玉艳 Stella4. 程水彬 xiaolong5, 闫杰 Jack(迟到)6. 方绮熠 Cindy(提前离开)7. 李莉莉 Lilian(提前离开)8. 有成 Jianwu(提前离开)9. 李彩霞  Lic ai xia(提前离开)10.王嘟娃 dodo(狗????)yuanyuandudu收获小龙随笔我们一起合影:

HARVEST GUS2018 New Delhi, India

Namaste! Global harvest from India for the very first time.Facilitator: Priyanka barua ,Guru SurajParticipant:Guru Suraj, Priyanka Barua, Tarun Arora, Rajiv Jain, Siddharth Kubavat, Elisa , Gagan, Himani Barua, Alisha GuptaGuru Suraj (Chennai)It is interesting to observe that there are people who are doing what we are doing makes such a change.I felt I was in the [...]