Dartington Space 3 Welcome!

Studio 3 Preparing the Space

Dartington Global Underscore

Studio 3  6-10PM GMT 

Facilitator : Colleen Bartley 
Participants: Naia Lalita, Noel Perkins, Tariq Edwards, Colleen Bartley, Adam Griffin, Leela Wendy Fisk, Linda Lauruschkus, James King, Kitty  

Facing Granda for opening small dance
Facing Madrid for closing small dance 

Prior to the underscore there were two musicians in this studio recording so our transition was interesting. They were bringing out instruments, microphones, other equipment whilst we were clearing the space – tucking two grand pianos under the stairs to the balcony, putting the gamelan instruments in the storage cupboard clearing teaching materials like flipcharts and wipe boards into the green room. So prior to our score, the space was filled with sound. 

The space had a balcony around the walls with folding chairs set up and red curtains. There were no windows.  

The organizing team did a quick check-in with each other. We did short hellos to everyone and then went into a brief history of the US and the GUS followed by a talk-through with superb enlarged graphic representation of the glyphs. We took a short break and gathered for another pow-wow and offering of any seeds for the practice. Below are glimpses from the arc of our score. 

Bonding with the earth
First Engagement
Open Score

birds eye view
bonding with the score…. 

Personal Reflection 

Harvest and Thanksgiving

Group relocating outside 

Small dance under full moon facing Madrid