Thank you for all those who participated in Global Underscore 2021!! Please send us your Harvest (writings, photos, etc) from your GUS experience, so we can put it in the global harvest document. If, for some reason, you did not register yourself (as a site or “satellite”), please do so now!


Saturday, 19 June 2021, 14:00-18:00 UTC
(10:00 am-2:00 pm EDT New York City)


We are continuing to celebrate Nancy Stark Smith’s life at Contact Quarterly’s NSS Harvest Facebook page.
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The GLOBAL UNDERSCORE (GUS) is a yearly event in which the Underscore is practiced simultaneously for a 4-hour period by people all over the world near the summer solstice (northern hemisphere). In addition, GUS’s expanded mission is: to support Underscore, Contact Improvisation, Contact Quarterly (CQ), and the legacy of Nancy Stark Smith on a global level. We dedicate GUS to Nancy Stark Smith (NSS), the creator of the Underscore, who passed on 1 May 2020.

Our events:

  • Zoom GUS In-Depth Talk-Through: 2022 Date/time TBA
  • GLOBAL UNDERSCORE Practice: 2022 Date/time TBA
    “Catch-All” Zoom — a Zoom for individuals and GUS sites around the world during the GUS Practice.
  • Zoom GUS Meta-Sharing: 2022 Date/time TBA

[2022 Registration will be ready in February 2022.] Please read all the parts of the About section of the website. You can find host and facilitate a GUS Site or you can find a GUS Site to dance at. You can connect through Zoom, to an individual site that is having a Zoom component or you can join the “Catch-All” Zoom Site (see below).

For facilitators wanting to facilitate a GUS Site, there are 3 main Options for Participation: Full Score Practice, Modified Score Jam, and a Satellite (a solo person who is only tuning in to a smaller portion of the 4-hour GUS practice). Additionly, your site could dancing non-synchronously (not during the designated time). The conditions of your site could be inside/outside, Zoom/no Zoom, open/closed to others. There will be some “sites” who only connect through Zoom. Given COVID, make sure you follow your local safety guidelines. More Details

The “Catch-All” Zoom will be available for individuals and GUS Sites around the world to join as a global Zoom site. This is a possibility if you do not have a regional Zoom near you or if your GUS Site wants to connect with others through video.

Facilitators will receive a packet of information to support you and the dancers of your site. Dancers will receive information from the facilitators.

David Koteen: If you were to fantasize—in your dream of dreams—the effect of CI on Western culture, what will you project?

Nancy Stark Smith:
More peace.
Flexibility (improvisation) based on a direct sense of being on the physical earth, in your physical body;
communicating with respect, intelligence, curiosity, compassion, humor, and love across boundaries
(race, language, ideology, dance form, cultures, subcultures, generations).
Clarity, confidence, risk, respect.
And more: cooperation, imagination, vitality.
High art play, adventure in work, responsibility, and humor.
A sense of independence and interdependence.

from Caught Falling: The Confluence of Contact Improvisation, Nancy Stark Smith, and Other Moving Ideas
by David Koteen and Nancy Stark Smith, 2008.

For Global Underscore, we invite attunement to the social, political, economic, and cultural contexts in which we are situated and in which we practice the Underscore. We invite awareness of those experiencing oppression and inequity, acknowledging that oppression limits us all and prevents some from participating in the Global Underscore, Contact Improvisation, and dance in general.

~ Patrick Crowley, Sarah Young, Colleen Bartley, Nicole Touzien, GUS Coordinators

GUS is excited to announce that we will be selling the Contact Quarterly (CQ) dance kneepads and Mike Vargas’ 86 Aspects of Composition card deck. CQ has transitioned to an online newsletter/resource/archive/digital store website, and have closed their physical office. A portion of the proceeds will go to CQ. Check out our preliminary GUS Store (full store coming soon)!

The GLOBAL UNDERSCORE (GUS) in 2021 could not happen without all the enthusiasm of its dancers and site organizers. We are very thankful for the financial contributions from the sites, from participants of the events, and from individuals that make GUS possible. Donors listed below.

Christian Swenson
Sarah Young
Patrick Crowley
Herman Van Cauwelaert
Jeff Bliss
Frederick Landers
London Contact Improvisation (LCI)
Marina Kolokouri
Lynn Stephens
David Koteen
Barbara Bauer
Suzuki Yasuko
Lindsay Forsythe
Basel, Switzerland/Monique Kroepfli, Nathalie Baumann
Maidelise Ríos Medina
Mimi Lo
From Inch Dance
(Yu-Chien Cheng)
Paul Whitlock
Nikki Lee
Laura Dowdall
Margarethe Wäckerle
Kellyn Jackson
GUS Guangzhou site/Yijie Chen, yuenjie MARU

Thank you, Thank you!

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