Our Team for GUS 2021:

You – possibly! We are currently looking for people who want to help with GUS in small or large ways: organization, website, the Maps, the Facings (how people connect around the world), supporting new facilitators in different countries, new ideas.

Patrick Crowley started studying Contact Improvisation in 1984 at Hampshire College, then did an intensive with Nancy Stark Smith and many other CI teachers that same year. In the summer of 1990, Patrick studied with Nancy intensively while she discovered the Underscore as its own practice. For the last 12 years, he worked closely with Nancy on many dance projects, including the January Workshop at Earthdance, Glimpse projects, the Northampton Underscore +/- group, and community Underscores in Western Mass. He has been been a GUS site facilitator since 2007 and on the GUS coordinator team since 2017. Patrick has a background in contemporary dance, somatics, bodywork, yoga, meditation, improvisational theatre, performance, and sacred ritual. He has taught internationally at universities, dance centers, festivals, and healing arts centers.

Sarah Young has collaborated with and performed works by dance makers Nancy Stark Smith, David Dorfman, Jill Sigman, Hilary Easton, Stephan Koplowitz, and the Treehouse Shakers. She was the Executive Director of Earthdance from 2013–2018.  She had her first Underscore Talk-Through with Nancy in 2011. Since then, she has participated in Glimpse 2, January Workshop 2020, and the Northampton Underscore +/- group with Nancy Stark Smith. She has been been a GUS site facilitator since 2015 and on the GUS coordinator team since 2020. She became a Feldenkrais practitioner in 2015 under the direction of David Zemach-Bersin, NYC. Sarah is an Alum of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, BFA 2003, and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Morocco 2008-10. She currently lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Colleen Bartley started dancing Contact Improvisation (CI) in 1994.  She first studied with Nancy Stark Smith in 2005. She is the co-coordinator of London Contact Improvisation team and co-organised a monthly Underscore Practice for many years she also created the CI UK website and continues to maintain it. From Nancy’s invitation, Colleen co-edited Contact Quarterly’s newsletter until Nancy’s passing in 2020, and she continues to edit for CQ’s Rolling Edition and Unbound. She joined the GUS team in 2020 and supported the online In-Depth Talk-Through, the Catch-All (video conferencing) Underscore, and the Meta-Harvest. She lives with an invisible disability, which informs all her work. Colleen is particularly interested in dance and social justice — and making dance accessible and inclusive.

Nancy Hughes – Advisor & Catch-All coordinator with Colleen Bartley for 2021.

Brain Steffensen – Advisor & Graphic Meister.