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Zoom GUS site — for individuals and GUS sites — as a way to connect
Hosted by Collen Bartley

The “Catch-All” is an online GUS site, which virtually connects dancers around the world for Global Underscore 2024. This is for individuals and GUS sites. Individuals who do not have a GUS site in their region are encouraged to participate. Also, dancers at a GUS site can experience dancing in-person while simultaneously dancing with others online.

2021 GUS Sites

58 Sites
Catch-All International Zoom: 1


Africa: 0

Asia: 11

Australia/Oceania: 5

Europe: 19

North America (includes Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America): 17

South America: 5



Full Score Practice
Facilitators: Colleen Bartley, Nancy Hughes, with Nicole Touzien email
Dancers: Barbara Bauer Greifswald, Laura Dowdall, Ines, Colleen Bartley, Nancy Hughes, Nicole Touzien, several GUS sites (see below),….


CHINA, Beijing
Full Score Practice, In-person, Inside, Not open to others, Joining Catch-All Zoom
Talk-Through: 19th Jun morning, (in English/Chinese)
Facilitator: Haolong, email

CHINA, Chengdu
CaveDance @QianYuan Taoist Temple
中国四川成都大邑。千圆道观, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19 June 2–6pm and 20 June 8-12am
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, In-person, Inside and outside, Open to others
Talk-Through: 19th Jun morning, (in English/Chinese)
Facilitator: Adel Andalibi, email
Info: We are holding space for a two full days movement practice in the mountains/Taoist temple. Depending on climate we may be in the temple’s hall or natural environment. Participants are advised to be culturally sensible and remain in respect to the venue’s code of conduct. Costs of transportation and accommodation shall be paid by participants themselves.

CHINA, Chongqing
Sunrise Phoenix
2:30PM-5:30PM, June 20
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam, In-person, Inside, Open to others
Talk-Through: 2:00pm-2:30pm, June 20
Facilitator: Lunatics 挠背俠, email

The Lily Pad
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam, In-Person inside, Open to others
3pm–6pm, June 19
Facilitator: Axiao阿筱, email
Talk-Through: 2–3pm, June 19

CHINA, Guangzhou
++body 廾身体 Online
Full Score Practice, Online (Voov), Open to others, Joining Catch-All Zoom
Talk-Through: 18 June, 19:30-21:30 UTC+8 (in Mandarin/Cantonese)
Facilitator: Yijie Chen, yuenjie MARU, email
Info: It will using Voov Meeting 腾信会议 instead of Zoom….the site will mainly led by Yijie Chen in Mandarin online. And yuenjie MARU will give a online talk-through in Mandarin/Cantonese on 18 June via Voov Meeting.

CHINA, Hangzhou 杭州
Triyoga 三瑜伽
Wenerxi Rd Yuanmao Building 602
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam, In-person inside, Open to others
2:30pm-6pm,June 20
Talk-Through: 2pm-2:30pm,June 20
Facilitator: Xiaoling 晓玲, email
Info: limit 12 person

CHINA, Kunming 昆明
Sapling Dance Studio 小树舞蹈
Modified Score Jam, In-person inside,  Open to others
Facilitator: Weilier小墨, email
Info: We will attend the online Talk-through by yuenjie Maru on 18 Jun, and connect to the Voov Meeting of Guangzhou site.

CHINA, Shanghai
Inch Dance
Floor 6, East Block, Bin Gu Plaza, No.345 Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
June 20, 13:30-17:00
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, In-person, Inside
Talk-Through: June 20, 13:30
Facilitator: Yu Chien Cheng, email
Safety: questionnaire, taking temperature

HONG KONG, Kwai Chung
Blank Space Studio
10:00 pm – 2:00 am
Full Score Practice, In-person, Inside, Open to others join, Joining Catch-All Zoom
Talk-Through: 18 June, 19:30-21:30 UTC+8 (in Mandarin/Cantonese)
Facilitator: yuenjie MARU, Mimi Lo, email
Website: www.fb.me/e/14BH10KGM
Talk-Through: 19 June, 8pm UTC+8
Safety: masks

JAPAN, Tokyo
Shakujii park or Tamagawadai park
Shakujii dai or, 1-63-1 denenchouhu, nerima-ku or oota-ku, tokyo, Japan
23:00 19 June — 3:00 20 June
Modified Score Jam, In-person, Outside (Inside: If it rains, room near the park)
Facilitator: Team GUS Tokyo (teturou yuasa, 〇i△, yasukichi), email
Safety: Through general infection prevention measures such as hand-washing gargle masks and discussions with all participants.
Dancers: tetsurou yuasa, 〇i△, yasukichi & more

TAIWAN, Taipei
Global Underscore In Taipei
June 20, 2pm-6pm
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, Online site (Googlemeet), Others can join, Joining the Catch-All
Facilitator: YU Yen-Fang, email
Website: www.facebook.com/groups/1842451212499502
Talk-Through: June 19, 7pm~9pm
Dancers: 林宥丞
韓 寧

Info: We will be using Googlemeet instead of zoom for practice.


AUSTRALIA, Newcastle
880 Hunter St, Newcastle West, Newcastle, Australia, 2300
Saturday 19 June, 2-6pm
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, In-person
Facilitator: Luke Falcon, email
Talk-Through: yes
Website: www.facebook.com/events/813590582618573

8 Gundry Street, Newton, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
10 am NZT
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam, In-person, Inside
Facilitator: Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann, email
Safety: We are at level one and can practice contact practices. We ask that people stay away if they are feeling unwell, have sign in procedures and contact tracing, as well as hand sanitiser.
Dancers: Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann, emka*, Emma Taylor, Clare Luiten, Megan Blennerhassett, Shin Nummy, David Iannitelli, Matt Gibbons, Jahndrina Almitra, Kutumi Lefferts

Natural Living Yoga, 87 Atawhai Dr
10am-12:30 noon NZT
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam, In-person, Inside, Others can join
Facilitator: Jen Hyde, email
Website: www.facebook.com/events/522816722097425
Safety: NZ is currently COVID-free

Aotearoa Embodiment Collective
Street Address: level one studio 3, 7 Crawford St
10 am–1 pm NZT
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam, In-person, Inside, Others can join
Facilitator: Miriam Marler, email
Talk-Through: At the beginning of the jam 10 am, 20th June
Safety: Here in Dunedin NZ, we are at alter level level one, so we will be in physical contact. However participants are asked to stay home if unwell, practice high level of personal hygiene, and register with the contact tracer or manually at the venue.
Dancers: Miriam Marler, Alexa Schefner, Hannah Sinclair (and partner Dave), Eleanor Riley, Kari-Ann Vanderzon, Riana Calman, Joanne Inder, Kevin Heumann, Linda Miles, Ngareta Clifton, Leila East Giles.

NEW ZEALAND, Wellington
Dance Studio Toi Poneke Arts Centre
69 Abel Smith Street, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand

Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, In-person inside, Joining the Catch-All Zoom, Others can join this site
Sunday 20th June, 4pm to 7pm NZST.

Facilitator: Juliet Shelley, email
Talk-Through: Thursday June 10th 6.30pm to 8.30pm. and Thursday June 17th 6.30pm to 8.30pm NZST.
Safety: No Safety protocols needed – we have no covid in the community here in NZ
Dancers: Juliet Shelley, Heidi Cochinelle, Yaniv Ginton, Jeremiah Faitala, Roxie Black, Kate Barnett


FRANCE, Recoubeausatel
GUS in Diois
Recoubeau (France)
19 June 2021, 14:00–18:00 UTC
Full Score Practice, In-person, Inside, Not open to others to join
Facilitator: Elie G., email
Info: Closely limited to a single family – Not open, unfortunately

FRANCE, Bois de Vincennes, Paris
In a feild past Centre Equestre Bayard, Bois de Vincennes, Metro Chateau de Vincennes.
16:00–18:00 (Talk-Through at 15:00)
Modified Score Jam, In-person, Outside, Open to others to join, Joining the Catch-All Zoom
Website: www.deepcontactdance.com
Facilitator: Carey Jeffries email
Talk-Through: 15:00
Safety: Gel around the opening circle
Dancers: Carey Jeffries, Marika Rizzi….
Info: “It will be held in a field in the Bois de Vincennes nr Centre Equestre Bayard. French mobile 0633493687 check website for location details”

GEORGIA, Gomarduli
Gomarduli Zen Garden
Modified Score Jam, In-person inside, Zoom
18:00 -22:00
Facilitator: Kiori Kawai email
Safety: vaccination or/and with negative test result
Dancers: residents of Gomarduli Zen Garden

Mime Centrum Berlin
Address: Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin, Germany
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, In-person, Inside, Not open to others to join
2-6 pm – Berlin Time (12-16 UTC) (because we did not get the studio at the global GUS time)
Facilitator: Elske Seidel, Christine Mauch, Heike Kuhlmann, Gesine Daniels email
Safety: no touch, negativ covid test (24h), only eight dancers, windows open, wash hands before entering, masks in the bathrooms and building (except in the dance space).
Dancers: Christine Mauch, Heike Kuhlmann, Maxine Saborowski, Gesine Daniels, Maria Elste, Gabriele Reuter, Jenny Zimmermann, Elske Seidel
Info: Due to covid only 8 participants are allowed. The group is complete. We will do both facings, the first one within our score, the second one from the park outside. We will have a picnic after the score and do the second facing from there. We will be non-synchronous because we did not get the studio at the GUS time. Nevertheless, we will participate in both facings at the GUS time. One from the studio, the second from that park outside.

probably in my garden
Satellite, outside
Tanja Striezel email

GERMANY, Greifswald
Street Address: Loitzer Str.
Full Score Practice, solo person joining Catch-All Zoom
Barbara Bauer, email

GERMANY, Hamburg
Address: Bernstorffstr. 117, 22767 Hamburg, Germany
Full Score Practice, In-person, Inside, Others can join
4-8 pm
Facilitator: Angela-Mara Florant email
Website: www.angelamaraflorant.de/jams/underscore-jam
Talk-Through: 19th June 2:30 pm

GERMANY, Leipzig
Etage Leipzig
Address: Lütnzerstrasse 29, Leipzig Germany
Full Score Practice, In-person inside site, Not open to others to join
4.00–8.00 pm
Facilitator: Ali Schwartz email
Safety: full vaccination
Dancers: Consent Team members and extended community
Website: www.contactimpro-leipzig.com

GERMANY, Stuttgart-Vaihingen
Venue Name: Forest
Modified Score Jam, In-person, Outside, Not open to others to join
16:00 – 18:00 (UTC 14 – 16)
Facilitator: Margarethe Wäckerle email
Safety: participants need to have an updated daily negative covid test, we dance in distance, maximum 10 dancers
Info: We will be with you at the first facing!

GREECE, Athens
Servion 8, Acadimia Platonos
17:00-21:00 (Athens time)
Full Score Practice, In-person inside, Open to others, Joining Catch-All Zoom
Talk-Through: June 19, 16:00
Facilitator: Anna Maria Makri, Nelli Poulopoulou, email
Website: www.quilombo.gr
Safety: Masks (voluntary), questionnaire, self-test
Dancers: Nelli Poulopoulou, Anna-Maria Makri and all participants

Zendit Kibbutz
Mizsei út 29., Csemő, Pest, Hungary, H2713
19 June 2021, 14:00–18:00 UTC
Modified Score Jam, In-person, Inside and Outside, Open to others to join
Talk-Through: (in Hungarian)
Facilitator: László Sárkány, Grégory Chévalier, email
Website: www.facebook.com/events/321283389511635
Safety: According to regulations effective on the date of GUS

ITALY, Nervi, Genova
16:00-20:00 Rome time
Full Score Practice, In-person inside, Open to others
Talk-Through: 19 June Saturday, 16:00
Facilitator: Lior Ophir, email
Safety: Personal Auto-certificate
Dancers: Lior Ophir, Claudia Broggi, Silva Lanz and friends
Info: Welcome to join us

ITALY, Tuscany
Spazio Seme
Via del Pantano, 36, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy, 52100
16:00-20:00 Rome time
Modified Score Jam, In-person, Inside
Talk-Through: June 19, time TBC (in Italian)
Facilitator: Caterina Mocciola, Leonardo Lambruschini, email

15:00-19:00 Portuguese time
Full Score Practice, In-person, Outside, Catch-All Zoom, Open to others
Talk-Through: June 19, 11 am (time TBC) (in Portugese and English)
Facilitator: Johanna Wyss, Jakob Maché, email
Safety: Depending on actual situation on the GUS day, consent based, limited participants, contact organisers for more details.

RUSSIA, Ekaterinburg
Gagarin str, 14
Modified Score Jam, In-person,
Facilitator: ILNUR NAGUMANOV email
Dancers: The Urals CI community

SPAIN, Arenys de Mar, Barcelona
Doedes 59
4 pm-8 pm Spain
Full Score Practice, In-person outside, Other can join
Talk-Through: yes
Facilitator: Anabel Pestaña email

Movistallo Dunzio
Dunzio, Ticino, Switzerland
4pm – 8pm (UTC+2)
Full Score Practice, Satellite, In-person, Inside and Outside
Talk-Through: June 19, 2.30pm – 3.45pm (UTC+2), Swissgerman
Facilitator: Monique Kropefli email
Dancers: Monique Kroepfli, Nathalie Baumann
Info: Thank you for your work! Looking forward to dancing with all of you.

studio Foofwa
Bougeries 3, Geneva, Switzerland
5 pm (Geneva time)
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, In-person, Inside, Others can join
Facilitator: Elinor Radeff email
Dancers: elinor, graziella, kazu,…….
Safety: allowed max 15 pers.
Info: welcome

Victory Wood
194 Dargate Rd, Yorkletts, Whitstable CT5 3AH
13.00 hr – 17.00 hr
Full Score Practice, In-person outside, Closed to others
Talk-Through: Wednesday 16 June, 18.00hr
Facilitator: David Leahy email
Dancers: David Leahy, Will Glanfield, Neil Sloman, Lawrence Fletcher, Maureen Wolloshin, Paul Cheneour
Safety: Socially distanced



Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Sturdy Stone Plaza
303 22 St E, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
7:30-9:00 pm, CST, June 18
Non-Synchronous Satellite, In-person outside, Open to others
Talk-Through: 7:30-8:00 pm, CST, June 18, English (French, Spanish)
Facilitator: KSAMB Dance Company, email
Dancers: Kyle Syverson Miki Mappin
Website: www.ksamb.com/wild-card-movement.html
Safety: 2 metre physical distancing

Vancouver, BC
303 East 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5T 1S1
2-6pm PST
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, Inside
Talk-Through: June 13 2:15-3:30pm OR June 14 6:30-7:45pm
Facilitator: Anne Cooper, email
Register: www.edamdance.square.site/
Safety: COVID-19 protocols: Advance registration and payment online required -maximum 14 people for event. Please arrive no earlier than 20 mins before class start time. Wash hands with soap and water in washroom or use hand sanitizer provided upon entering and leaving the building. 3-person limit at one time in building foyer, and 1-person at a time limit in the EDAM studio foyer. Parking can be difficult in the area, so plan accordingly and give yourself plenty of time. Wearing a face-covering mask is currently mandatory. Aim to maintain a minimum 2.5m distance while participating in class. Windows will be open as possible, bring layers. Please do not forget your belongings.


Ciudad De Mexico
Parque de la Hormiga
Address: Chapultepec
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, In-Person outside, Open to others
Facilitator: Ariana Franco/Bobby Morris email
Safety: touch/distancing, masks
Dancers: Ariadna Franco, Nisa Franco, Bobby Morris, Cinthia Figueroa

Centro Poniente
Address: M. M. del Llano 1831 Pte., Monterrey
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam, In-Person Inside (closed to others), Hosting Zoom (open to everyone)
Facilitator: Esteban Fredin email
Safety: Questionnaire
Info: Anyone can join us through Zoom, but people planning to attend in person should e-mail me.


Mount Shasta, California
7am-11am PST
Full Score Practice, outside
Facilitator: Mary Moss, email
Info: In deepest commemoration to first stewards of this land to all indigenous relations past present and generations to come — this the land of which I breathe and rest, live my days in freedom. And to all African people brought here in captivity, who planted the seeds of which I now thrive, to your descendants and to your future generations, I dedicate my dance to you in commemoration of Juneteenth, this day of emancipation, freedom from slavery. In Loving Memory and gratitude to Nancy Stark Smith, who brought to us The Underscore we share today thru her inspiration of conception. tireless effort and dedication. And with all who join in the Dance — my gratitude woven in prayers for rain! Happy Solstice ❤ Moss Donations are made to SOMA Integrative Wellness, www.somaintegrativewellness.com. I will match up to $1,000 in total donations should others feel as well to offer their support. Check out their site!

Oakland, California
July 3, 10 am–2 pm PDT
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, Inside
Talk-Through TBD
Facilitator: Ronja Ver, email
Safety: All participants fully vaccinated. Limited number of participants. Masks according to participant consensus. Questionnaire and temperature checks.
Land Acknowledgement: Oakland is unceded land of the Lisjan Nation, Chochenyo Ohlone land. The name of this land is Huichin in the Chochenyo language. This event will pay land tax for the Sogorea Te land trust who are working to rematriate this land.
Info: We moved it to July 3 because Juneteenth is a big celebration here — we wanna stand and dance with you all and be part of it across time and space.

Pasadena, California
6 AM
Full Score Practice, Outside, Closed to others, Joining “Catch-All” Zoom
Facilitator: Jaron Tong, email

Boulder, Colorado
Parkside Park
2427 Juniper Ave, Boulder, Colorado, 80304 USA
9-11:30 MDT
Modified Score Jam, Outside, Open for others to join
Facilitator: Johanna Walker & Alicia Grayson email

Denver, Colorado
June 20, 10 am–2 pm
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, Not open to others
Facilitator: J. Akiyama, email
Land Acknowledgement: Taking place on the unceded territories of the Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapaho people who still live on this land. There will be a donation made to the Native American Rights Fund to help pay for the use of this land.
Info: This asynchronous solo full-score 4-hour Underscore will take place on June 20 rather than June 19 (Juneteenth) to respect and honor Black healing and celebration that deserves to be centered on Juneteenth. I look forward to dancing with everyone and my ancestors.

Evanston, Illinois
Ridgeville Park District
9:00 am–1:00 pm CDT
Full Score Practice,  In-Person outside, Closed to others
Facilitator: Kellyn Jackson and Tim Wang, email
Safety: Required COVID-community agreement meeting with attendees before the event. Attendees be asked to wear a bracelet to disclose vaccination status (purple for vaccinated, orange for unvaccinated) and to wear two bracelets if they want to engage in touch and only 1 if they want to maintain physical distance.

Northampton (Florence), Massachusetts
10:00am – 2:00pm EDT
Full Score Practice, In-Person outside, Catch-All Zoom
Facilitator: Sarah Young, Patrick Crowley, email
Info & Safety: Will be doing CI. Large back yard in Florence, MA. Unvaccinatinated people wear masks or distance. We are honoring Juneteenth day and finding a way to integrate with the Underscore, particularly through Socio-Cultural Arrival, and raising money for a donation to a local African-American organization.
Our site is full: Register to be on wait list

Turtle Island, Mni Sota (Minnesota)
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam, In-person Outside, Site is closed to others
July 5
Facilitator: Taja Will email
Talk-Through: Yes
Safety & Info: Invitation only
Juneteenth: This event was made asynchronous to be in solidarity holding the holiday of Juneteenth for Black liberation, reparations, and celebration.
QTBIPOC, Land Acknowledgement: A family/coalition of QTBIPOC artists based on the ancestral lands of the Dakota, Ojibwe and Anishinaabe nation will practice a modified underscore at Belwin Conservancy in Afton, MN. We will practice with our ancestors, plant and animal kin who live on the land and fellow QT & BIPOC folks who can join us from a distance, we will begin at 11am cst facing the Eastern Ancestor direction.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Woodlands
4000 Woodland Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104
11:00am–1:00pm EST
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, In-person outside, Open to others joining,
Facilitator: Loren Groenendaal, email
Talk-Through: by request
Website: www.phlgus061921.eventbrite.com
Safety: Our event is outside. Fully vaccinated dancers may touch with consent. All participants should have a mask on at arrival for Assembly when each individual can share their boundaries and interests. Unvaccinated dancers are asked to not engage in touch unless they have a prior established dance pod. Unvaccinated dancers should remain masked unless they are at least 12 feet away from others.

Providence, Rhode Island
India Point Park
10:00 am – 2:00 pm EDT
Full Score Practice, Outside, Not open to others joining,
Joining Catch-All Zoom
Facilitator: Stephanie Turner and nikki lee, email
Safety: More information regarding COVID-19 safety practices is forthcoming.
Dancers: we are still confirming participants
Info: We will acknowledge the Juneteenth anniversary with a statement during Assembly.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Libery park, northwest quadrant
Address: 600 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT
8:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT
Full Score Practice, In-person outside site, Open to others joining,
Facilitator: Leah Nelson, email
Talk-Through: 6/18/21 6p-7p at same site
Safety: No particular protocols. If you have symptoms, stay at home. You are welcome to come and stay at a distance if you choose. Otherwise, most of us will be available for contact.

Denton, Texas
Texas Woman’s University Dance/Gymnastics Lab
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam, In-person inside, Not open to others joining
Start Time: 9:00 am
Facilitator: Sarah Gamblin, email
Safety: Full vaccination
Dancers: Sarah, Whitney, Jordan, Lily, Reyna, Martheya

Chimacum, Washington
Mozaic Farm
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice, In-person inside, Open to others joining
Start Time: 11am-3pm
Facilitator: Casey Loomis, email
Safety: Full vaccination
Talk-Through: Saturday, June 19th: 9am-10:30am
Info: There will be a limited number of spots available; please email if you’re interested in joining 🙂


ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Zoom
Modified Score Jam, Zoom site, Others can join our site
Start Time: 1:15 pm
Facilitator: Cristina Turdo. Laura Barcelo email
Talk-Through: Sunday 13 June. from 11 to 13hs
Website: www.facebook.com/UnderscoreGlobalBuenosAires

ARGENTINA, Chubut, Lago Puelo
Mi casa
Camino viejo, Chubut, Lago Puelo
Full Score Practice, In-person inside, Others can join, Joining Catch-All Zoom
11 a 15
Facilitator: Carla Campos email

ARGENTINA, Molinari, Cosquín
espacio monteCIto
Address: Av. Costanera s/n – Molinari, Cosquín
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam, In-person Inside, Others can join our site
: Ivan Baucia email
Safety: Cuestionario
Dancers: Ivan Baucia y Camila Furey

BRASIL, Campinas
Mucíná Zoom
Full Score Practice, Zoom site, Others can join our site
Start Time: 11:00 – 15:00 (local time)
Facilitator: Marília Carneiro email
Talk-Through: Friday 18th, 20:00 (local time)

BRASIL, São Paulo, SP.
jardim da saude
rua doutor nicolau alberto defina, 473
Full Score Practice, Zoom site, Others can join our site
GUS Practice Time: 11:00 – 15:00 (local time)
Facilitator: ricardo neves email
Talk-Through: Friday 18th, 20:00 (local time)