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Please contribute to GUS events
(sliding scale: low–regular–abundant)

In-Depth Talk-Through: $5–$10–$20 USD

GUS Practice:
$10–$25–$50 USD from each site

$5–$10–$20 USD

Please indicate if it is a site or individual contribution.
Additional individual contributions are welcome!

GLOBAL UNDERSCORE (GUS) could not happen without all the enthusiasm of its dancers and site organizers. Financial contributions from sites and individuals also make GUS possible! Each year, people contribute to the Global Underscore in general and for its events: the In-Depth Talk-Through, the main GUS practice, and the Meta-Sharing. Thank you!

2023 Donors

Stephanie Thomas
Jennifer Döll
Nikki Lee
Mandoline Whittlesey
Yanael Plumet
Charles Dietrich
Boulder, Colorado USA site (Sue Lauther, Mike Detweiler)
Hong Kong site (Mimi Lo)
Vancouver, Canada site (EDAM Dance, Anne Cooper)
Dublin, Ireland site (Kate Stephens, Laura Dowdall)
Utrecht, Netherlands site (Sebas van Wetten, Lieke van Heck)
Hamburg Germany site (Angela-Mara Florant, Heilke Bruns, Sigrid Bohlens)
Florence, Massachusetts USA site (Sarah Young, Patrick Crowley)

2022 Donors

Colleen Bartley
Patrick Crowley
Sue Lauther
David Leung
Michelle Lefkowitz
Alyssa Lynes
Ken Manheimer
Steffen Middendorf
Sarah Young
Christina Morassi
Britta Schönbrunn
Florence (Northampton), MA USA site
Amsterdam, Netherlands site (Thalia Laric & Sebas van Wetten)
Bruno Garrote Marques
Meta Bobbe
Hong Kong site/Mimi Lo
Tanja Striezel

2021 Donors

Christian Swenson
Sarah Young
Patrick Crowley
Herman Van Cauwelaert
Jeff Bliss
Frederick Landers
London Contact Improvisation (LCI)
Marina Kolokouri
Lynn Stephens
David Koteen
Barbara Bauer
Suzuki Yasuko
Lindsay Forsythe
Basel, Switzerland/Monique Kroepfli, Nathalie Baumann
Maidelise Ríos Medina
Mimi Lo
From Inch Dance
(Yu-Chien Cheng)
Paul Whitlock
Nikki Lee
Laura Dowdall
Margarethe Wäckerle
Kellyn Jackson
EDAM Dance
GUS Guangzhou site/Yijie Chen, yuenjie MARU