Please Contribute here

Please contribute to GUS events (sliding scale):
In-Depth Talk-Through: $5-20 USD
Practice:  $10–$25–$50 USD from each site
Meta-Sharing: $5-20 USD
Additional individual contributions welcome!

GLOBAL UNDERSCORE (GUS) could not happen without all the enthusiasm of its dancers and site organizers. The GUS coordinators also are very thankful for the financial contributions from the sites and individuals that make GUS possible. Donors from each year listed below. Thank you!

2020 Donors

For GUS 2020, there were 3 events that all received contributions: the In-Depth Talk-Through, the main GUS practice, and the Meta-Sharing. Some of the below people/groups contributed to all 3 events. Thank you!

Andrew Solway
Andrew Wass
Triade Tanzforum e.V.
Anna Sedlackova
Anne-Gaelle Thiriot
April Butcher, Chicago Contact Improvisation
Bernadette Divilly
Bonn, Germany GUS site, Tanja Striezel
Brandin Steffensen
Christine Mauch
Colleen Bartley
Dana Galbavy
Danse Orée des Bois
David Leung
Dey Summer
Dolly Huang
Eve Hermann
Florence, MA USA site
Funda Gul
Gretchen Dunn
Hong Kong GUS site
Ian D Allen
Jemima Farwell
Jo Dorado, GUS website genius
Johanna Sellman
Katerina Tzouganaki
Kellyn Jackson
Kristin Horrigan
Leah DelPorto
London Contact Improvisation
Lynn Stephens
Maggie Shollenberger
Margarethe Wäckerle
Marlene M Wong
Maru Yuenjie
Mary Moss
Mimi Lo
Nancy Hughes
Nancy Stark Smith
Neige Christenson
Nikki Lee
Patrick Crowley
Paul Whitlock
Ronja Ver
Saliq Savage
Sarah Young
Sebas van Wetten
Sue Lauther
Sze Wei Chan
Tamsin Haggis
Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands GUS site (Kees Lemmens)

2019 Donors

Antonio Valverde
Basel Switzerland GUS site (Monique Kroepfli, Simon Wenger)
Bongho Kim
Colorado Springs GUS site
Erez Gavish
Erica Kaufman
Esteban Fredin Ortiz
Hong Kong GUS site
Jaron Tong
Laura Barceló
Maru Yuenjie
Nathalie Baumann
Northampton, MA USA GUS site
Patrick Crowley
Sebas van Wetten
Stephanie Auberville
Susan Lauther
Tom Murray
Toyko Japan GUS site
Veronica Rodriguez
Yasuko Suzuki