Below is the email dear Defne Erdur sent to just now:

Dear Nancy, Claire and Brandin,
I hope you are all fine and getting joyfully ready for UNDERSCORE… 

I am writing to you to ask for help in awareness raising tomorrow onwards !

Due to the unfortunate events happening in Turkey, we could not register for facilitating the UNDERSCORE this year.
However I will try to do an informal modified underscore here in istanbul tomorrow in our dance artists association – CATI.
Our dancer friend Erdem’s “standing still” for peace became the peaceful mark of our revolts here all around Turkey and echoed world wide.
As you may already know I myself was already into a standing performance – physical score taking root from “small dance” and framed by personal and political context.  So Erdem took it on to a different very powerful state with his standing…  
Now, I find it so symbolic that we would all start the “small dance” at the beginning of UNDERSCORE all together tomorrow with everyone around the world. And I would kindly ask you to make a note for this “violent situation in Turkey and many other countries all around the World” and maybe ask all the participants to start the small dance with this “seed for peace” in their heart! 
AND we also created a group with some colleagues from Budapest called “STANDING INTO DANCING FOR PEACE ALL AROUND THE WORLD for bringing awareness to the peaceful uprising from dancers! 

We would also appreciate it if you could ask all the participants to add their UNDERSCORE and personal videos and images to this group as well…
I hope it would be okey for you to integrate the “standing for peace” message to the UNDERSCORE…
Dear Nancy & Claire, you know Istanbul; you’ve been here dancing with us. You are the ones “openning” the contact scene here.
Now it is a mess, so heart breakingly violent. And not only in istanbul, all around Turkey!
We are really going thru hard times… Please help us make our voices heard!
Thank you!
With all my love and kindness,
Defne Erdur