Underscore-being is so different from regular life-being. Once someone has given me enough compression, my entire nervous system switches modes and begins to make choices on it own. In regular life, my brain is constantly telling stories and then generating feelings and choices come from a need to control, understand or figure out. underscore-being is FAR MORE RELAXING because I let go of trying to protect myself and simply ride the waves of pleasurable sensations and desires…which I’m happy to say get satisfied again and agin. I’m so sad that regular life-being is so stressful and desperate. Where has society gone wrong? If we could get up each day and do the Underscore with our neighbors, family, store owners, police people, children, construction workers, computer programmers, etc – what would reality be now? Couldn’t we just solve problems by lying on someone and following the point of contact. “Shut up,” I’d say to some complicated conflict. “Let’s just dance.”

Rythea Lee, Florence, MA USA