23 June  11pm-3am 24 June /  as modified jam score
at night park( clay soil and grass) after rain. we all worn the raincoat &rain pants, few parsons took off those soon. (all photos were darkness always, yes! midnight outside !!!)

opening stand / facing  Buffalo, NY  ,  closing stand/ facing  Warszawa, Poland

participants: ゆあさてつろうTetsurou Yuasa ,  成田護 Mamoru Narita , しもやまれいこ Reiko Shimoyama , 大原あやかAyaka Ohhara, マルイサンカク Marui Sankaku , Mahalo MH, ヤスキチYasukichi


Tetsurou : I got on a swing when I was one  during the GUS. I was not good at swings when I was a child. I did not like the feeling of grabbing the heart when swinging in front of the swing. But at this time I was not uncomfortable, okay. So i swung higher to higher  to sky naturally,,, and naturally come back lower lower ,,,. ( just comment: it was one dance. everyone without Tetsuro  was a symbol of the observe then.  everyone touched that beautiful one dance of him. )
When the sound of the instrument echoed in the darkness of the night, there was a soft film ahead of it, and I felt that the whole venue itself was enveloped.
A person of a dream. Sensation spreading out of my chest. lost of sense of time. Connected at the moment of my life .
When I was a young I spent the night in the park with my friends, and thought, “i wander what meant for this ?” But this time I can say that “So good in this. that  was good there.” . It is wonderful thing overlaying the old.

Reiko : The night park was changed a special place when chime is sounded on the drops of night grasses. I was really warm without cold during GUS.

Ayaka : GUS reminded me that we were naturally creative, resourceful and whole.I had freedom to do what I wanted to. There’s no word but dialogue through the contact of body, kinesphere, and other objects.Encounters of what I unexpected. We were all fulfilled.

Yasukichi : 丸み roundness =地球のスキネスフィア skinesphere of the earth , like the 大気。大気の様な。