Global underscore harvest
Susan Arnsten-Russell
June 23, 2013
Brooklyn NY
I was in the right place.
This was the right place to be.
To be dancing
With these people.
Allowing myself to take my time,
To take time to bond with the earth
To stand in my place on this globe
This sphere,
To think about space,
Spherical space.
Space has no shape.
It is defined by the container it is in.
Or the container it surrounds.
We stand on a sphere
Surrounded by space.
We become spheres
By allowing ourselves to think 
Of our physical bodies as skinespheres.
We move in our own kinespheres.
We allow these kinespheres to overlap.
We become aware of each other.
We are influenced by each other.
We engage briefly and disengage.
We take the time we need to continue dancing with ourselves
While beginning to dance with each other.
And then, finally, there is that moment
When we realize we are fully engaged
And nothing else matters but our curiosity about
What we are doing
In this moment
With this other being.
And that continues for an unknown duration,
An unknown amount of time
Until it ends….
And we are once more in a room full of dancers
Engaged in a particular dance practice
Aware that all over the world
There are rooms
(or outdoor spaces)
In which other groups of dancers are also engaged
In the same sequential practice.

Can something be sequential and spherical at the same time?