Within our Vast Sky of Awareness… we reached the most Solar, most ‘Yang’/’Masculine’ and longest Day, which is a celebration… of each individual. 

Yes, Sun-star in Gemini has culminated, w it’s gifts of ‘letting things happen’, or recognizing that everything truly already is ‘let be’… ‘as it is’. The other theme in Gemini has been that true ‘honesty’, including of the intellect, reveals everything as inseparable from the vast inclusive intelligence. 

Now, the archetype, the sign of Cancer comes into focus, is vitalized by our Sun-star. The emphasized themes become ‘decisions’ and ‘commitments’, ‘allegiances’, creating ‘home’ ‘and ‘Belonging’… within/without. It also supports our awareness of, our Sensitivity to, all of our human needs.

Summer Solstice
 is the point in our Earths orbit where the north pole of our axis tilt begins to face away from our Sun-star, and is the portal where the Night, the Moon, and the Feminine/Yin, Collective/group energies slowly begin their ascent. (The polarity/compliment of Winter Solstice may also be sensed.) This is the very beginning of the ‘Return of the Night’… and where the mythical ‘Queen of the Night’, the Lunar goddess begins her ascent.