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Global Underscore is excited to announce that it is taking on the US & International sales of favorite products formerly sold by Contact Quarterly (CQ).
A portion of the proceeds will be given to CQ, an online dance resource/online newsletter/digital store/archive website.


  • 86 Aspects of Composition Card Deck by Mike Vargas

    a tool for open-ended creative research (deck of cards) by Mike Vargas Adapted from Mike Vargas’s article, Looking at Composition is Like Painting the Golden Gate Bridge: 86 Aspects of Composition, published in Contact Quarterly, Vol. 28 no. 2, Summer/Fall 2003, this deck of cards is designed to help people in their process of organizing materials, perceptions, and decisions related to sound, movement, or any other artistic medium. The 86 aspects can be used as lenses to evaluate and analyze art, but they can also focus our attention on the composition of nature and the environment. There is a single aspect on each card, and on the back is a corresponding question related to the aspect. "The list of aspects was inspired by the need to examine my own creative practice. I used plain English to name the aspects so as to maximize their usefulness in a wide variety of contexts." —Mike Vargas Card concept and production by Jun Akiyama. 2017. Contact Editions. ISBN 978-0-937645-15-4 90 cards 3.5” x 2.5”
  • Collected Writings and Graphics from Contact Quarterly dance journal 2008-2018 Eds: Nancy Stark Smith & Lisa Nelson This third volume of Contact Improvisation's multi-voiced evolution is collected from CQ Vol. 33 through 43, including writings from CI Essentials, Editor Notes, Still Moving, CI Newsletter and more. Containing perspectives on the practice, principles, issues, and applications of Contact Improvisation from diverse contemporary practitioners around the globe, it is an invaluable creative resource for teachers, practitioners, and dance libraries. Added together with Sourcebook Volumes I and II, it is now possible to access the full history of the dance form of Contact Improvisation as recorded in Contact Quarterly from 1975 to 2018. Sourcebook III also includes an Appendix, listing the full tables of contents of the CI Newsletters through this decade. 2019. Contact Editions. ISBN 978-0-937645-06-2 278 pp. photos, drawings. 8 ½ x 11”
  • Collected Writings and Graphics from Contact Quarterly dance journal 1992-2007 Eds: Nancy Stark Smith & Lisa Nelson In 2008, Contact Quarterly released this second volume as a multi-voiced history of the dance form’s ongoing development in celebration of Contact Improvisation’s 36th anniversary. Includes the articles, poems, exercises, writings, photos and drawings about CI printed in Contact Quarterly dance journal from its 17th to 32nd volume. 2008. Contact Editions. ISBN 0-937-645-12-5 352 pp. photos, drawings. 8 ½ x 11”
  • Collected Writings and Graphics from Contact Quarterly dance journal 1975-1992 Eds: Nancy Stark Smith & Lisa Nelson This is the first volume of writings reprinted from Contact Quarterly dance journal concerning the practice of contact improvisation, a dance form initiated by American dancer Steve Paxton in 1972, and now practiced by dancers and movement enthusiasts worldwide. It covers the formative years of the form, from CQ’s birth as a newsletter amongst the pioneering practitioners of CI in 1975 through its seventeenth volume as a dance journal covering myriad developments of improvisational and experimental dance. Under one cover, you will find the articles, letters, essays, interviews, discussion, drawings, and photos that fed the development of the practice, teaching, and performance of CI in the U.S. and abroad. An indispensable resource for dance students, teachers, and practitioners of CI to experience the roots and track the development of the practice and philosophy of this influential contemporary dance form. 1997. Contact Editions. ISBN 0-937645-04-4 260 pp. photos, drawings. 8 ½ x 11”
  • cotton, washable, one size fits all $17 each 1–9 kneepads $16 each 10-19 kneepads $15 each 20+ kneepads Contact store@globalunderscore.com for international orders of more than 10 pairs of kneepads.