The first Singapore Underscore:
Jaycee Ho, Pat Toh, Kai Eng, Neo Jialing, Chia Jit Kiat Vincent, Daisy Zhao, Denise Lim, Tay KH, Virile Tan, Louis Chong, Chloe Chotrani, Felicia Lim, Celine Lim, Graeme Ford, Chen Jiexiao, Dodya, Jocelyn Chng, Chong Gua Khee, Sze
 Make It Share It Studio, Paya Lebar, Singapore
 10pm 24 June-2am 25 June 2017
Opening Facing: Campinas, Brazil
Closing Facing: Malaga, Spain

Underscores always surprise me. Dancing makes things possible.
Sometimes, when you let go instead of being so focused, your subconscious mind can have a mind of its own and something else can pop up.
I like that we are making a community now by degrees and it makes a bigger community in the world.
I witnessed so much of all of you celebrating with your spirits and bodies and it was very inspiring.
I had an image that we were in the mountains and the air was really clear, and you were all still dancing.
I set the objective to dance with everyone, and failed. I told myself I would be in the small dance for five minutes, and I failed.
Connecting – Reconnecting – Disconnecting.
I find tremendous freedom here.
Instead of dancing a lot in this space as I usually do, today I found myself watching a lot, enjoying a lot in this passive way, and participating by watching. When I go home tonight I will maybe still be dancing with all of you.