86 Aspects of Composition Card Deck by Mike Vargas

a tool for open-ended creative research (deck of cards) by Mike Vargas Adapted from Mike Vargas’s article, Looking at Composition is Like Painting the Golden Gate Bridge: 86 Aspects of Composition, published in Contact Quarterly, Vol. 28 no. 2, Summer/Fall 2003, this deck of cards is designed to help people in their process of organizing materials, perceptions, and decisions related to sound, movement, or any other artistic medium. The 86 aspects can be used as lenses to evaluate and analyze art, but they can also focus our attention on the composition of nature and the environment. There is a single aspect on each card, and on the back is a corresponding question related to the aspect. "The list of aspects was inspired by the need to examine my own creative practice. I used plain English to name the aspects so as to maximize their usefulness in a wide variety of contexts." —Mike Vargas Card concept and production by Jun Akiyama. 2017. Contact Editions. ISBN 978-0-937645-15-4 90 cards 3.5” x 2.5”