Real Time Harvest
Red nail polished fingers with lines of amber swirls walking past…
There is a trio where I don’t know if it’s a trio where I find the surfaces definitely not with my eyes and they roll sometimes bumping out into other surfaces and all the while it is tumbling and faces and skin and eyes are seeing and breathing but if you don’t look to close you’ll keep going and if your limbs know the wood of the ground then all is well.
grazing en masse
extending love through the floor
being a welcome committee with my heart
trusting that the underscore, the world will hold us, extending the support of the floor into our everything
I listen to my body,
it knows the story.
I allow it to guide me,
I trust in it’s wisdom.
I feel it soften,
become joyful.
There is no reason
but to simply play.
Thanksgiving/Sharing of the Harvest
(When we begin, nearly everyone speaks for only a moment.  We go around the circle once time this way, and then invite everyone to speak again and this time to also say their name.  This is the transcription of the whole sharing.)
Thank you.
Triple thank you solstice brought tears to my eyes.
Thanks everybody.
Thank you.
Thank you all.
This is my first underscore experience and it was a very special one.  So thank you.
Thank you.  I’m still absorbing.
Thank you.
For me that was like a kind of dream.  I feel like I just woke up from a really rich dream. 
It’s been a while since I’ve done contact so it felt like coming home.  So thank you.
Thank you.
The group dancing I found to be so compelling and beautiful and satisfying and loving.  Thank you.
I’m really glad I’m here today.  This is also my first time experiencing underscore but I’m really glad sharing all the time here.  Thank you very much.
I had a phrase in my head at various times when we were dancing together: “dance what you feel.”  It has to do for me with what I draw or paint.  We say paint what you see, not what you think.  So that’s what I was doing today with my dancing, not what I think, not anything else, just what I felt with my body.
I had a wonderful sense of interconnectedness today.  Sometimes it was overwhelming.  And I had a little bit of worry that I didn’t connect to everyone in the room.  Then I had a moment of seeing a dance that I had a great part in initiating the quality of that dance and I realized that the connections between dances are over time.  It’s not just the people in this room but all the people we’ve danced with throughout our lives.  My summary is “we are with.”
I had a moment where I stopped and watched for a little bit and it was nice because I remembered the gratitude I feel in this moment of the underscore.  A sense of anticipation for the richness I would feel in this moment, as well as in the present.  And I loved that sort of squiggly ribbon-y kind of line that was always moving.  Almost everyone in the room was connected to except for a couple of satellites.  It reminded me of the global underscore pattern.
As the one who was observing that amazing line, it felt amazing that it was in important piece that it was being observed.  It was incredibly beautiful, everyone was so beautiful today.  Everyone was very much themselves and we were all part of this bigger thing.  In the last 15 minutes I really started to sense this energy from the fact that there were multiple sites all around the world.
Container of mercy…expanded to contain the globe…we are always in.  I let the Underscore whisper all I forgot or didn’t have time to say.  I let the Underscore reassure and guide, hold and protect, welcome and liberate.
I notice that it’s been a while since I knew what we were doing.  I remember that the Underscore grew out of a moment like this in Nancy’s history, and I wonder what will come from this gap in my experience.  I feel the whole Global Underscore through the floor, through the center of the earth.  I extend my love and support to them, my welcome, and feel their support and appreciation coming to meet me through the floor.
We mass together like continents throughout the score, unable to really distinguish ourselves too frequently.  I appreciate many personalities, those I dance with and those I do not.  It is clear to me that we are taken care of. 
Brandin calls “Now” to mark our final resolution and everyone stays for a long time.  Lying together, many many feet.  Two in the center stand and laugh as they play, then stand in solemn seriousness, performing “end” for another couple of minutes.  Then they move in slow motion.
I like feeling the world here. 
I like Pat sleeping on the bench by the windows.
I like the light turquoise-y blue curtains, and all the blue and green clothing in the room. 
I like moving my body.
That line I tied to figure out what letter this was, and it was like DNA.  It was very squirmy and dynamic.  Engagement.  Speedy spirals.
I felt like a lot of things were being redefined.  Different uses of different parts of the body.  And then when that happens in a big mass, it was just redefining what we can do with everything.
Screeches.  Heat.  Sirens outside.  Inside honey, melt, touch, connection.
I actually found myself to working technically today.  Which is very rare for me at a jam.  So it must be something about the container, especially with my attention.
Somehow I ended up with a bindi on my forehead.
I’m really grateful and happy.  I feel like I made the choice today to be in joy.
I feel like I haven’t really started harvesting yet so I don’t have anything to share.  But I guess that’s worth sharing in and of itself.
Once I zoomed out what I saw was caring.
I actually found zooming out way easier than zooming in.  I found the score to be very visually appealing.  I spent more time watching than I usually do.  I couldn’t figure out why that was but it was just really nice to see the whole room.
I think it’s hard to conceptualize the distance between the groups of people that are around the world.  But in some of the quieter moments I was thinking about that and feeling extra appreciative
I’m just happy so many people came.  I keep looking at the circle and thinking about a globe.
Name repeating score and flower gazing before the stand.  Something about this year…that there are 70 places all over the planet.  It’s almost like it’s a wormhole, warping time and space.  This is a global movement, it may grow, it will grow, it may shrink, it will shrink, it may change, it will change…
Today strikes me…there’s a sense of time and patience, quiet and focus that isn’t always there, serious play that I really like.  What we have here versus out there is that here we can pause and wait and see what happens, and sometimes that’s really hard in the regular world.  I feel really blessed to have a space in my life where that’s allowed.
I tried to zoom out to the global a few times and I was less successful at that but I felt really connected to the whole room a lot, and that I could let go into the whole room, like it was a big hammock.  I could watch how a shift over here would ripple through the whole thing.  Some nice dances without touching, almost across the whole room, connecting in surprising ways.
I often treat a jam as a place to check in with myself, a dynamic structured supportive space.  I get the sense that
Open to change, feeling present in themselves, not perfect.  It feels good to be able to come into a space and do all those things.  In a way that I know what might or may happen but there’s no expectation that it will.
Thanks to the rest of the world for allowing us to be early in the morning.  It was so easy to fall into another amazing dance over and over again.  It was beautiful, thank you.
I think this kind of play and what we nurture in ourselves and our community when we do this is so incredibly important for the world.
I think we all put a lot of care to others, and as we give more and more care we receive more and more care, and we give more and more attention to our own bodies.
(imitates sirens louder!!!) I always get what I want if I wait long enough. 
Thank you again