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Sunday, 19 June 2011
NZ Underscore Practise
Hello everyone! Here in New Zealand there was a three hour Global Underscore Practise led by Val Smith nine hours ago in Auckland from 1pm – 4pm and in Wellington a practise was led by Juliet Shelley seven hours ago, from 3 – 5.30pm. It was nice for us to know we overlapped so in New Zealand we had the Underscore practise happening over a period of four and a half hours in total. There was a photographer here in Wellington so we will post some photos soon. We faced Perth, Australia for one small dance and Boulder, Colorado for another.. we thought of you there. We thought of Nancy and Mike in Chicago and it was just a beautiful time that we all had here in Wellington, NZ. One dancer who attended said this was the first time she had relaxed,(while she was awake, not asleep..) ever.
Sleep time for me here now on Sunday June 19th in New Zealand at 10pm.
Enjoy your dancing and speak soon, Juliet 🙂