Annette Nathalia, Noel Gueco, Shoshanna Hindmarsh, Donna Lane, Owen Davis, Rachel Bond, Rahkel Bose, Christina Constantina, Luke Falcon. 

Started with words and diagrams. They looked intense.

We reflect, we connect. We started our silence.
We dance together. We draw apart. We couple. We triple. We fall into a mountain of bodies.
We cuddle, we sigh, we breath in sync.
We release.
The movement is organic. We flow like the wind, like a stream, like an ocean swell.
There was curiosity. There was joy. There was laughter.
The connections began.
At times the emotion becomes too much. I take a few moments out. I ground myself. I rejoin the flow. 
There is an opportunity to release, to learn, to be present.
The smiles are radiant. The group is small, safe and in tune.
The dance we love, and we love, and we love.
It is an honor to share the experience.
– Rachel. 

Never take for granted the power of touch.
Good dances take on levity and seem to float in space high above, even when viewed from a ladder against the wall.
The generosity of touch from another in full awareness that you can’t reciprocate. No expectation to be anywhere else than where you are.
WOW! Look how effortlessly you move now!!
Removed and Present.
Silence. A time to close your eyes.
I am okay. 
– Luke

– Donna

Special thanks to Annette for organising and Cadi McCarthy of Catapult Dance.