We’re thrilled to add new sites to the growing list for our Global Underscore 2013!

We are joined by:
Lisbon, Portugal (Nancy and Mike, of course; we coordinate from them! 2-6 (GMT +1)
Koru Island, Second Life
Perth, Australia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Bristol, UK
Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Denver, North Carolina USA
Kyrenia, Cyprus
Barcelona, Spain
Barnave, France

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

In addition to the previously posted sites, which include:
Engelthal, Germany

Buffalo, NY USA

Deerfield, MA USA

London UK

Madrid Spain

Kuang Salengor Malaysia

Sydney Australia

Brooklyn (NYC),  NY USA

Boulder, CO USA

We’re hoping to include Mexico City and Ithaca, New York and Quito, Ecuador as well!  Just following up with the facilitators now~!  Maybe some more sites in Spain!
best wishes and happy dancing to you all!  I’m thrilled this is only just over two weeks away.
Brandin Steffensen