During the Global Underscore
The evolution of the dancers in space through shapes and patterns both foreign and exploratory to the every day familiar
I’m excited by the end of a stretch that hangs in the air such as when you hang your arm back behind you as far as it will go while twisted in opposition on the floor. I’m really curious to explore that place, its depth and its use in a springing action for momentum. 
The vibrations of my own body merged with the vibrations of moving bodies through the ground. The connection to each other and the earth simultaneously.
The sensations coursing through my body after flowing from vigorous movement to stillness. Being part of someone else’s moment of touch. The freedom to participate in that moment and in creating your own moment of touch and connection.
heat of skin through cotton
creativity without inhibitions
this we have been doing since we were born…We just didn’t realize anyone else was doing it at the same time.  Until we saw ourselves again.
No judgement 
stimulation through the feet while being blinded by the sheer simplicity of bodies moving in space
i smell like you now
Thoughtlessly surrendering your body to the motion of another.
expect anything for there are endless possibilities
we started a connection of many, it developed to a parting where i didnt know who i was with as we moved, but we were connected, and i loved them. the dance came to stillness and resolved as i we gazed at each other for the first time.
belly buttons are the funniest looking things, especially from upside down
It is interesting to watch each partnering group non-verbally agree on a world and enter that world together as they dance. It is exciting to see that world created because each one of them has completely committed to that world and believe it to be true, and so from the outside you are watching their reality as they know it to be at that moment, and every other thing in the physical space seems to transform or disappear. It is however hard to join a group, or a person, with this serious sense of time and space, and perhaps goals, if you weren’t there for the creation of that world (and in that world you may just be a rock in the way.) Thus it is an interesting challenge of the mind and emotional status to figure out how to join the group, person or the world. We/ I can also ask the question of, why do I want to join at that particular time, or dance with that group in that world or any other. Some times it does feel like an audition, a “will you dance with me?” a “will you allow me into your world?” And questions of why do we strive to be included in such a way, rather than sometimes just looking for every open door?  It brings me to the moment of the invitation to dance. When we begin a dance does it begin with eye contact, a movement in your own kinesphere and someone entering your space? I think all of these and more are invitations to move together but it is the creation of the world that binds us. It is kind of like Raja said, fall in love with your person and I guess questions of another either being included or including themselves in that world, and in that love….
Post-Underscore Harvest-
It was interesting to see these meta-beings throughout and happening… connect with each other and these themes, that’s what today’s about.
I loved how the room would organize itself; there was a frantic side and a calm side; a swirling center with smaller things outside. I enjoyed seeing that. Reminded me of the ocean. 
I smelled the cities that are participating. I almost thought I was there, which is beautiful. I like the idea of doing things when others are doing the same thing far away. 
I had a lot of space; I had no idea what I would feel like based on the week, but it felt like a nice thing to do. 
The space became so much more full and beautiful to me today, even though I’ve been here all week. The atmosphere allowed me to flow through the personalities of those here and elsewhere in the world. 
I was able to develop dancing relationships with people; the transitions were more comfortable, the space was safe and ready for people to do that. 
I have a friend across the globe thinking of me; I’m being thought of while they do what I do. And that’s beautiful. Acceptance, contentedness. 
I felt this weird sense of… it’s inherently political; what does it do for the global economy? We’re together and learning and dancing and it’s fantastic that we aren’t productive. The fact that people took time off from work to do something like this is incredible. 
I really enjoyed being able to take the full amount of time to do anything… feel the brush of an arm or just stand and be still. I never get to do that in New York; I didn’t feel rushed or like I had to be doing anything else. I felt like I was in the moment today because I had time allowed to do this. 
It’s nice to be open to surprise. In my life, there are a lot of surprises that I’m not ready for, and I haven’t been open to them. I was surprised for over an hour.
Everyone is feeling all of these emotions; safety, tiredness, laziness. It’s nice to have this time together. I think that’s beautiful on its own. 
I’m struck by the relationships I go through. I learn something about who I am and what I could be that I don’t always honor. That’s a great education. 
The expectations that you go into these; thinking you know what will come, imagining what will happen. Then you throw that away when someone comes into that. The either acceptance of my view or the change of view (pulling a fast one on you) is nice. 
This was based on acceptance, so you could be yourself; your emotion. I discovered that in myself and my partner. Today was a day of learning for me. 
I lost my mind. You go kind of crazy in the end. I have all these urges right now. I want to talk for 10 hours, I want to go outside and take off all my clothes. But then it’s like “whoa, that’s not what it is”.  Then that’d defeat the purpose. It was interesting to make circles around the room. 
I was trying to keep the underscore going in the real world. It was more difficult to come back to it. I should’ve stayed in the room to keep the world out, but it was hard. I like it because in a short meeting of people, it makes it more of a practice to work with new people. It builds relationships. 
I think having the time element helped allow myself to sink into it and move around the plane. I never get a chance to do that at home. It’s nice to just lose yourself in this sense of reality and dive into that. It’s freedom to explore. 
I feel like I was really aware of the current of air in this space and how it moved around. I felt like the entire experience was a slow cycle; I felt carried from one partner to another idea to another space, unaware of the movement, just swept through. The space was charged and moving me. 
I always think of what becomes contagious to myself in the room. Something might pass by, I’ll see something and I’ll, without thinking or realizing, I move towards it. Just thinking about what happened between the two moments that made me go towards it the second or third time. And the same thing in a dance where an opportunity will come and something doesn’t go in one direction, the opportunity repeats and goes in a direction. And at one point, I was really aware of stillness. I thought I would never move. Then I, with somebody, I don’t think we were thinking; we just moved. 
I felt like I was falling asleep; I knew I did it but I don’t really know what happened. 
The timing of it was nice for me; getting this movement, cells dropping in the earth. I was experiencing my own energy and other’s energy because I trusted everyone. By doing so, I could find myself and how I related to each person I connected with and give it to another person. It’s such a short amount of time. It reminds me of why I love and do what I do. 
I feel like a lot of times, we don’t feel like we have agency. Taking the time to do this gives remembrance of what our full agency feels like. 
I started to hear a lot of civilization going on, and I would glance over and be like “oh, it’s disengagement”. Suddenly, it just wasn’t words anymore. Some people had it going and every once in a while, people would laugh. It was nice and unexpected to hear agreement. 
Contact with improvisational voice flowed into conversational. Aside from sensations of being involved with bodies; when I stepped out, it was inspiring to watch based on the level of voices. 
Allowing myself to watch and participate, I could feel the openness of everyone in the room; it inspires me in so many ways.