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A.- All of us felt the energy wave facing Chicago, it made us move in ways we usually don’t.
B.- First time to some of us, …, this is the way to do it !
C.- Thinking of ‘spacetime’ Andrea Scheel wrote:
“La belleza está en tu cabeza y en el cuerpo la delicadeza. De cada mano hombro; movimiento en completa inmersión en este momento. Cada respiro en completa inmersión en este momento. Cada mirada en completa inmersión en este momento”
(ROUGH INTERNET TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH: “The beauty is in your head and in the body the delicacy. Each hand shoulder; total immersion movement at this time. Every breath in complete immersion at this time. Every look in complete immersion at this time”)
D.- Ivan & Daniel draw some figures during harvest.
2)      FOTOS & VIDEO: (and below)
  • Andrea Scheel
  • Andrea Rios Leal
  • Natalia Martínez
  • Ivan Ontiveros
  • Daniel Ontiveros

Special thanks to Etienne Bégin-Thibault (HD pictures) & Gretta Sowydra (Underscore walkthrough via skype a days before) … our thoughts to Moti Zimmelman elbow.
4)      La Bodega is an old shoe factory in the old cask downtown, now made theater.
Thanks you for everthing, we loved it !!!

Daniel & Ivan Ontiveros

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