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    Carey Jeffries
    Great dance great group or 16 and bonding and sharing . We danced on an island on a park lake surrounded by trees peacocks, geese and swans.

  • Carey Jeffries
  • Paris , France
  • 22 June 2019

    Lily: I had so much fun

    Marco: Became aware of discovering new positions and new dances. Discovering the new

    Rose: I found grazing to really stick with me. Sliding through the space and falling through grazing

    Liz: Allowance to be in my process. Recognition from all of us of this process. In other jams that doesn’t feel as present. There are other social expectations in other jams and I didn't feel that today.

    Sarah: Usually caught up with trying to dance how people want to dance but today felt more permission

    Tai Yung: Wanting to push IDIOT BUTTON a lot. Not fully comfortable with giving weight.

    TG: Appreciated instruments

    Marco: Conversation about dancing versus taking the dance out was resonant

    Darius: Consciousness of movement is different. Had a thought: I never danced like this before! Sounds cheesy but…

    Liz: In the eyes of many people what we are doing doesn’t seem like dance anyway.

    Luger: Went for a swim in between. Wasn’t fully a part of the underscore but still as he was swimming in the canal he was aware that it was still going on.

    Elizabeth: Commitment

    Peter: Thankful for the length. So many chapters, beginnings and endings, music appeared, line appeared, chapters unfolding, sitting on the outside and watching them unfold, very rich and pleasant to watch

    Marco: Thinking about other locations of the underscore today…this one felt unique and special because of the history of this space

    Anna: Thankful for the length, and the permission. Been encountering fear and resistance to Contact lately, but felt permission to be BAD and have dances that were super slow and on that side of the spectrum, and then really fun and crazy on the other side.

    Darius: Interesting idea for a seed: lets just be shit at dancing….??

    Rose: That is what Idiot Button means to me- allowing self to make choices that aren’t the right choices

    Peter: Opened notebook to take some notes and happened to open it to the middle page…seems timely for the solstice. I used the whole page. Thinking about the first day of summer, been feeling connected to the ground and lightness, and always connected to water, but less connected to fire. But today felt the opening to the fire.

    Ido: For me it was very intense. I will cry. Chose to engage my disengagement. Reads a poem about where he comes from, what ceremonies mean, celebrating inclusion or death. Feels his Disengagement and his ego

    Peter: When Ido walked in it was fulfilling a prophecy of a musician

    Amir: Left the space and had an intense moment of contact but not physical. Wanted physical contact. Brought the energy back into the room. Felt grateful to be able to come back in and be here in this dance.

    Lily: Been thinking a lot about solo improvisation versus contact improvisation and in the past year been practicing primarily Contact Improvisation and feel that i have lost some of my artistry…in the past week trying to get it back but feeling phony…today was such a perfect mixture of contact for contact sake and choice making and we made the such a beautiful art piece.

    Tai Yung: Observing a lot, beautiful to see the moods

    Darius: Question: usually notice energy shifting in jams and it triggers me, I feel the need to shift the energy…do other people experience that?

    Marco: I notice this as well. Surprised and trusting that it will change…and it does change..

    Anna: Reminds me of going with 3rd impulse versus 1st impulse…shifting energy is not anyones responsibility

    Ido: Usually my game guys. Less awkward to just be crazy with energy.

    Peter: Thank you all for holding the space. Now we will do the closing, small dance, standing on the earth, this time facing West, slightly diagonal from facing the window, facing Hamburg. Östersund in Sweden in our backs.

  • peter pleyer
  • lunow-stolzenhagen , Germany
  • 22 June 2019

    I danced a solo underscore in Ithaca NY during which I created drawings using a movement based art practice known as TouchDrawing. (please note that the drawings were opposed separately in reverse order,

    TouchDrawing is done by spreading non-toxic water mixable oil paint on a smooth, non-absorbent drawing board using a printmaking roller. A sheet of paper is placed on top of the paint. Then I move my hands, fingertips or fingernails on the paper. The pressure of my touch forms impressions. I use lightweight paper so that I can see through it and watch my drawing emerge. When a drawing feels complete, I peel it off the drawing board and place it to one side. I then roll the board smooth and go on to the next drawing. Paint is added only when necessary. At the end of a touch drawing session I look back at the drawings I have done in sequential order starting with the first drawing. In this way each drawing can be viewed is a stepping stone on an inner journey or a story that provides insight into who I am in this moment at this time. I write words in order to articulate that story. It is the story of my solo underscore practice in synchronicity with the 2019 global underscore..

    TouchDrawing Titles.

    1. Arriving. I arrive.
    2. I synchronize with myself and bring my intention to the present moment. I am alone I am but I am part of a global event. Arriving into sensation with the intention of expanding awareness to achieve synchronicity: I send out ripples dissolving my sense of self until I am nothing but an inhabitant of a physical body.
    3. Walking among the trees until it is time to sit still and become a tree. I am alone. I imagine myself as an integral part of the physical world. I am inside the shape of my skin.
    4. Bonding with the earth and exploring the landscape within my kinesphere. I am a part of the landscape. I imagine I have a companion.
    5. Grazing. I make connections with objects. I notice influence. There in confluence and divergence. There is resonance.
    6. Anytime all the time there are places where all outside distractions are unable to cause disturbances in the field. In these places I can engage with myself.
    7. Engagement. I become and fully embody who I am right now.
    8. Engagement and development. I sustain this experience of embodiment and observe how it evolves and becomes something more than just me in my studio engaging in movement based image making.
    9. Disengagement and recirculation. Open to possibilities. Open score
    10. Finale resolution Observing and reentering the place in my imagination where there are people to dance with. We all come to stillness together.
    11. Harvest. There are patterns, invisible lines of connection and global synchronicity that are revealed through the process of disengagement.

  • Susan Arnsten-Russell
  • Ithaca , United States
  • 22 June 2019

    1. 感觉自己经常会忘记身处于潜动谱结构之中。
    > I feel that I often forget that I am in the structure of the underscore.

    2. 音乐是一种元素,会带来情绪,有时候就可能被音乐带着走,而失去了观察,而有时候也可以用来帮助自己放松,进入到舞动的状态。
    > Music is an element that brings emotions. Sometimes it can be taken away by music, and then I loss observation. Sometimes it can be used to help me relax and enter the state of dancing.

    3. 第一次接触即兴,感觉到身体语言非常有力量,能传递比文字语言更多的信息,而看到别人用身体的各个部分做支点,也感受到身体的力量。第一次如此探索自己的身体,很放松。
    > This is my first contact improvisation experience. I feel that the body language is very powerful, can convey more information than the daily language, and see others using the various parts of the body as a fulcrum, which also represent the power of the body. The first time I explored my body so much. I feel so relax.

    4. 灯光的变化也非常有戏剧感,明暗的变化,色温的变化,跳舞时的感受就不一样。
    > The changes in lighting are also very dramatic. With changes in light and shade and changes in color temperature, I have different feelings when dancing.

    5. 和舞酱有什么样的区别?
    > What is the difference between Jam and Underscore?

    1. 发现有更多的意识参与了,觉知到更多自己与他人,与环境的关系。
    > I found that more consciousness was involved, and I was aware of more relationships with myself, others and environment.

    2. 有了结构,有了框架,就好像有了依据,也会更多地观察了。
    > With the structure and the framework, it seems that there is a clue, and I will observe more.

    3. 潜动谱本身就是来自于舞酱的总结,也许并没有什么区别。
    > The underscore itself is a summary of the Jam, and maybe there is no difference.

    4. 去掉了原先熟悉的伙伴身上的标签,用空白的意识去跳,去流动,仿佛回到了婴儿状态。
    > I removed the label from the familiar partner. I dance with a blank consciousness, with flow, as if returning to the baby state.

    5. 有了结构,片段感也更加清晰了,不像平时的舞酱好像是一整块的。
    > With the structure, the fragmentation is also clearer, unlike the usual Jam which seems to be a whole piece.

    6. 会更多地感知周围的环境了,感觉今天的自己接触更轻了,而且与平时喜欢在地上打滚的自己不同,今天的自己更喜欢站起来,也会变化跳的节奏感了。
    > I sense more about the surroundings. I feel that my touch is lighter today. Usually I like to roll on the ground, today I prefer to stand up and change the rhythm of dancing.

    6. 用身体与他人对话,与自己对话,有种触动,想哭的感觉。虽然睁开眼的时候还是会卡住,但闭上眼的时候,伙伴的性别,年龄,身材都不再重要,剩下的就是流动。想起自己曾经纠结过的往事和冲突过的观念,过去仿佛也随之流动起来了。
    > I use my body to talk with others and talk with myself. There is a feeling of touching and crying. Although it will still get stuck when I open my eyes, when eyes closed, the partner's gender, age, and body are no longer important, only remains flowing. Reminiscent of the past and conflicting ideas that I have tangled, the past seems also start flowing.

    7. 潜动谱仿佛人生,人与人的聚散离合。
    > The underscore is like life, the gathering and separating of people.

    8. 为什么潜动谱叫潜动谱呢?因为希望感受那潜在的,底下的东西。
    > Why it is named underscore? Because we want to feel the potential, the bottom thing.

    9. 潜动谱的「游走」阶段很好玩,以前舞酱时,自己经常会很快就和舞伴进入一段比较长的即兴,并不会跟很多人都有接触,而「游走」的阶段,要求与对方只是一个短暂地接触,然后就离开,很特别,也很好玩。
    > The "grazing" stage of the underscore is very fun. In our usual Jam, I often quickly entered a long period of improvisation with others, and did not have enough contact with other people, and the "grazing" stage, usually just a brief contact with the other person, then leaving. It's very special, also very fun.

    10. 很享受在边上的观察,把手圈成小圈,透过小圈来观察场地中发生地一切,聚焦在一个人,甚至一个小小的关节上,很特别。
    > I enjoyed the observation on the side, and observe the field through my finger circle. Focusing on one person, even a small joint. It is very special.

    11. 观察者并没有真的离开这个场,只是换了一个角色参与其中。
    > The observer did not really leave the field, just changed a role to participate.

    12. 潜动谱是一种很适合舞酱的即兴框架,开始一个人感受,然后慢慢进入关系,联系,循环,然后慢慢淡出,最后结束。
    > The underscore is an impromptu framework that is very suitable for Jam. Start with one person's own feelings, then slowly enter the relationship, contact, loop, then slowly fade out, and finally come to an end.

    13. 感受到不同的身体有着不同的风格,有的是他们原来的身体技术带来的,比如瑜伽,比如太极,但更多的是他们与生俱来的一种身体性格,很特别的感受。
    > I feel that different bodies have different styles, some may from their own body techniques, such as yoga and Tai Chi, but I believe it is a kind of physical character that they are born with. It is a very special kind of feeling.

    Participator: 郑聿倩 Yu Chien Cheng, 陈丹怡 Dan Yi Chen, 静山Jingzheng, 屈鹏飞 Peng Fei Qu, 俞蓉 Rong Yu, 黄勇 Yong Huang, 王兵 Bing Wang, 孟凡 Fan Meng, 方青 Qing Fang, 宁子Yang Haining , Huang Yan , 刘正 Zheng Liu, Josephine, Nick

  • Zoe Cheng
  • Shanghai , China
  • 22 June 2019

    Sue: Feeling so full of gratitude for everybody, relationships, and everybody being here.
    Montana: Thinking about what it means to be scribing in the space.
    Beth: Gratitude
    Theo: Ditto
    Heather: It's so lovely to have this space with a number of people that we can just spend time together doing things together or not or exploring and it's also nonverbal, but its so communicative. I appreciate the long form because it really gives you time to dive in and forget what it means to be a human on the street versus here.
    Nina: This is my first underscore so I was just curious to see what would happen and how I would feel. Its really liberating to feel such a safe and beautiful space. Not having a time constraint is really nice. Just to play and feel.
    Venese: I felt especially fragmented, of course to be expected. But what did really stand out to me was my relationship with space. Sue when we were going over things you spoke about gravity being partner that always exists. and the space is always going to exist like gravity, it changes. I felt a little overwhelmed by how large the space is. I don't think I can spread myself out energetically. i really enjoyed myself.
    Jessica: I have not regularly danced since my two year old was born. So I'm very unfamiliar with myself. It was very calming to be able to move alone and when I did move with others it was very exploratory for me I was a little unsure. Something that has always been really interesting to me when it comes to improv is picking up other peoples energy. Being an empath, its really interesting to feel. So those of you that I came into contact with I moved really slowly.
    Sue: When we were over at the bars and doing the hanging, that's when I felt like I was doing bonding with the earth over there. How much can I just let go?
    Chelo: Normally in jams I feel like I sway in terms of energy coming in and out swaying between being present. This time I felt like I was able to keep mindfulness and energy the whole time. It felt very authentic and warm and it kind of just felt like things were going naturally in a safe comfortable space and allowed me to stay present.
    Beth: I'm appreciative of connection and permission, of my thoughts and body in the space. What is repeatedly important to me of the underscore of being all in, it's all the dance, and that's really powerful for me.
    Theo: I really appreciate not just a happy celebration and it's not any one kind of interaction between people either because you can authentically enter space when you are free to go in any direction and you can go through a certain kind of space to get to another one that you couldn't have arrived at without going through. I have a few favorite moments, I liked picking you up on my shoulder. I really appreciate that I was welcomed into the space as the only guy. I know that brings a lot of charge that wouldn't have been here. The way I try to show up to the dance is bringing my deepest love. I believe that my deepest self is my most loving self, that that is a spirit that is most sustainable and most affirming. I try to tap into that being able to move sometimes snowballs that. What I really appreciate is the responses to that part of me when I was really feeling it and when I wasn't people weren't responding to that. I appreciate people being able to trust that I can be that way.
    Heather: I really enjoyed getting to explore desire and noticing what I actually want to do in the space and how do I wa nt to play in the space. Noticing not being tied to one thing. I think my favorite moment... i don't know it was all good... at one point I was closing my eyes and working my way around the courtyard. And I don't know what it looks like I had no idea where I was. My goal was to find a tree with my eyes closed and I almost gave up. I found some bushes and then I found a tree.
    Nina: I think the best part was being able to play and experience this new movement. I was just overseas and coming back was really hard for me and being in this space was really important to me. I've been traveling alone so coming back into intimacy with other people was really nice.
    Venese: I didn't connect with a lot of bodies I think I connected with you two and my son but during those moments it was really up in the air for me. This is the second movement experience that I've had since I gave birth. I don't know where my strength is how much weight I can take. I don't know how much weight I can put on my own body. When I did let go of my inner dialogue and had a smooth moment it was really delicious.
    Jessica: I feel like I had a very enjoyable lovely time dancing as much as I did watching. I especially loved when everybody gathered on the bars over there. I feel like I had a couple favorite moments dancing with Magdalena you get to explore the movement that she so naturally does. My other favorite moment was with Beth. Actually from the moment she walked in I was longing to hold her.

  • Sue Lauther
  • Colorado Springs , United States
  • 22 June 2019