Kingston, Jamaica Harvest!

So I didn’t bump into any dance friends on Saturday. Woke up early after a chaotic night. Had a small dance while my other half was sleeping. And I felt REALLY out of sorts and unsteady. I’m always surprised when the “simplest” physical activity (like plies at ballet barre) can be hyper-emotional for me. Anyway, after a few moments of freaking out in my emotional body it settled in that RIGHT! I’m caught/held/grounded, and in the same way I’ve leaned to trust my physical intelligence in my dancing…maybe I can trust my other intelligences to weather the transitions I’m making outside my dance life. Or trust them  even a little bit deeper. That was nice. I need those reminders.
So then on Monday, I ventured forth to teach some Contact Improvisation. I’d done only a couple sessions with this group, and was wondering if I could get them to a place where they’d taste the possibilities of the work. Although it wasn’t on the day of Global Underscore, I feel like that last class was a particularly productive harvest…and another reminder of what’s possible locally through dance/C.I./sharing. Onwards we go…
Safi (Kingston, JAMAICA)

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