Global Underscore in Vienna – Modified Jam Score
Place: Werkstätten und Kulturhaus

Sun and wind entering the room through the open windows.  6 people inside, prepared for the underscore journey. A group process, a group journey. An individual journey, a shared journey.  Pow-wow, we welcome each other, smile to each other. I explain the underscore structure. I feel  grateful  for all that contact improvisation have brought into my life. 15:50 global small dance. All the people, here, now. Being. Present. Seed for peace. Turkey.  Brazil. South America. So many people from South America that I know and admire. 

transition – repetition – backward – forward – inward – inward repetition – again – am I going in circles? – is that a key? – there is somebody that I … – boom boom – big free bear – must it be like that? – an eye snapshot: all the group in a cross-like position, arms to the sides, really interesting as a composition– speaking in no-existing but understandable language – words in movement – I am moving my wor(l)ds – the turtle – home is omnipresent – is he asleep? – something is touching my lungs – DIS – RE – dismantle – reconstruct – I am playing the window – she is playing the shelf – my self, my own self, myself – but the group – the group in me – the group of me – the group around me – the sun is illuminating her face – my hair got longer and my head weights more – all the group in the corner – out of his hip – this wind is so touching – chair meditation – brrrreeze  – she is clinging to me but I am going to move on – yes, he must be sleeping – readjustments of  the peripheries – double –
‘everything makes love with silence’  
‘tangible absence’
 – two expressions from the poem of my beloved author  keep coming back and back to my mind. I am such a tangible creature (am I?) The silence that filled the room during both small dances was tangible, so thick and so substantial.
tangible silence
body of movement

people loved the underscore because of the strong feeling of being a part of the group
couple of photos below:

                        WUK, Währinger Straße 59



                                                   score impressions 

                                                                                      score impressions
                                                                       score impressions

                                                                               score impressions 
Thank you all for making this event happen.