An excerpt from Dani’s letter to Nancy:
“Ecki and I were invited by Masha and Sasha, to facilitate the first ever Weekend Jam in Moscow.
We joined the Global Underscore on the 19th during the last hours of the event. As our schedule for the jam didn’t work with your timing, we joined your first 2 hours of practice. I did a very simple introduction for the group so everyone could join in.

You and Mike were very present in the space for me and others. The group was composed of about 60 people and 50% of them had practiced the Underscore with you. I guided them in the small dance (as many didn’t know what it was…) and faced St. Petersburg (they knew we were facing them).

We danced for 2 hours, in a very intense shared space. The energy of the room was really strong and focused. Many memories of other global underscores came to me, and I was very inspired to have all of you in images and sensations, which give me inspiration to dance for almost the 2 hours, even though I was sick (I got a strong viral flu as I landed in St. Petersburg which accompanied me for 2 weeks!)

I saw people’s dances blooming that night!

Because of the jam frame, I proposed the organizers start together…but if some arrived later they could also join (we had a paper with suggestions at the door). Also I invited all those who needed to leave earlier, to do it. But leaving without interrupting the dance and without offering to the space any “social activity”. They could say goodbye internally… and just leave the space.

We sat with 48 people for sharing the harvest for about 1 hour. Words were deep and full of thought. Many of them named that it was the most focused jam they ever had experienced, some said all jams should be like it! Words of freedom, clarity, openness, inspiration, connection, energy, appreciation, thankfulness.”

daniela schwartz