Auburn Street, Ithaca NY Solo Global Underscore 2020


Susan Arnsten-Russell. No images

I confined myself to the our attic art studios. I allowed myself to explore the narrow pathways and awkward angels, the slanting walls and multiple levels created by uneven stairs and unconventional configurations that can often characterize a small house that is over a hundred years old. I perambulated. I participated in the small dance facing north east toward Florence, MA. I bonded with the space and I danced with the space. I felt alone. I felt connected. When I was felt like I had inhabited my physicality I engaged in a movement based art form known as TouchDrawing, finding ways to dance duets with my drawing board and eventually telescoping my awareness to encompass an open score. Finale resolution included rolling my drawing board completely flat and then looking through my drawings to see where the underscore had taken me on this particular TouchDrawing journey. I wrote captions for each of the drawings as is my practice whenever I engage in TouchDrawing. I participated in the small dance facing southeast.