Hi Everyone,

We had a photographer but he started dancing so we don’t have much record of the harvest. I think pictures will come. These were the participants:

We did the talkthrough at about 5:30pm and started the Underscore about 7:15pm. No translation necessary. (Non-synchronous) People stayed for the most part but two left early for urgent reasons. (Sick pets and other gig.)
I was originally planning to do it at Play Practice but found out about Karthik’s plan to do it at Shunya, which was a more central location. It was a pleasure and a breeze to share facilitation with Kathik. Several of us went out to eat afterwards as is the Indian way, it seems.
Paraphrased comments from Harvest: 
“It was amazing to see people who never met each other dancing together so synchronously. And when to people were on top of her it looked like a very tense situation but she was smiling!”
“Gratitude for the live music all around! They were changing the mood and listening.”
“I do dance theater and I am often lost and contact jams. But when I saw you walking like this (cool guy) I was like, ok, now I am home.”
Something about noticing composition that ended with headstands.
I said I noticed a group awareness building at the point when we were exhausted towards the end and everyone was lying on the floor. I was thankful for the musicians at that point. 
For several people it was their first time but everyone was in and it felt like a real Underscore!
I’ll send pics along,