Namaste! Global harvest from India for the very first time.
Facilitator: Priyanka barua ,Guru Suraj


Guru Suraj, Priyanka Barua, Tarun Arora, Rajiv Jain, Siddharth Kubavat, Elisa , Gagan, Himani Barua, Alisha Gupta

Guru Suraj (Chennai)
It is interesting to observe that there are people who are doing what we are doing makes such a change.I felt I was in the middle of a ripple. It gives me more strength to think there are people to support us and we can also support someone. There are people who can understand you.
Priyanka Barua (Delhi)
I feel very emotional with this intense energy in my body.To think about all my friends in india and outside, who are doing this with me makes me overwhelmed. We are together in this. I didn’t imagine it to be like this. It is much more than my imagination.
Siddharth Kubavat (Jaipur)
I feel different when I dance alone and when I dance with group.You just need to stand and dance will come to you.Today such a beautiful thing happened to me .There is a beautiful silence in my heart.As I walk I feel no pain ,my body feels light. I always try to focus on going in presence ,today there is no mind.Thank you for hosting this event.
Tarun arora (Delhi)
This is 3rd or 4th time doing CI. I think contact will give me the peace inside.In the previous jam I never felt connected ,I always felt like an outsider.This is the first time I feel connected. I am shy I don’t take initiative to dance.Thank you ! who came and dance with me.
Himani Barua (Delhi)
I didn’t understand what you were talking about but I feel touch, gratitude and my body feels light.
Alisha Gupta (Delhi)
It was good to see you guys dance. I don’t understand CI whatever I know is because of priyanka. To me it looks like as if you are meditating.I don’t know how you create this energy. I feel contact improvisation is way more than just dance.
Rajiv Jain (Delhi)
This is my best CI session. I feel the dance floor is very vast much bigger than I see and imagine. Its because of my classes with priyanka I feel more comfortable.

Gagan (Delhi)
Ci brings the inner child in space where I interact with people by being a child.Specially when I dance with priyanka. I always find it fun.Thank you guru.
Eli sa (Los angeles)
She shared a beautiful silence with us.