Global Underscore Arenys de Mar, Barcelona Harvest

Meeting for lunch with a very dear friend who just came back from a half year stay in
Peru, so the lunch extended into the no-hours zone (or how to call this feeling of loosing
the usual time notion) enjoying food, giving each other updates on family and story
from both sides of the world. As I hoped to meet a least one person who knows about
the underscore to involve a bit in a little dance, I’m very happy that Anna happens to be
the one. Even if the dance will be short, as she’s working on the market today.
Realizing at the end the “clocktime” I’m rushing home for the last preparations in the
room I’ll start the Underscore: pin the maps on the wall, direction and places to face.
Almost there! Breathing deeply, entering in my inner space and looking forward
to “meet” the dancers from Spazioseme in my first standing. Arezzo arrivo! Facing
Italy, Arezzo- perceiving almost immediately a warm flow over the whole front side
of my body. Receiving this lovely embracing as a welcome gift and expanding it at the
same time back to Arezzo and the dancers in Spazioseme. Back and forward, back and
forward …

Going outside! Staying secretly in my dance bounding with the earth on every step
as I’m circulating through de Riera, the main street of Arenys, which happens to
be “decorated” all the way down with stalls. Anna’s placing the jewelry she’s selling on
her stall. It’s still early and no client around, so I take the chance to get her into to dance
for a while.
All kinds of delicious smells salty, spicy, fruity, cured, and flowery gracing though
my nostrils and creating tiny dances there. It’s a special Solstice Market! I’m a bit
overwhelmed with the countless different smells of all kind of cheese, sausages, sweets
I’m perceiving in a very short time space, but enjoying it as all my body, and not only
the noise hair would dance through theme.
I’m wondering what will happen if I meet somebody known, who doesn’t know that I’m
actually in the Underscore. How will be my reactions? Will I be able to keep staying
with it?
Finally arriving at the beach. Lots of people! An acquaintance standing up from here
towel to say hello. I’m approaching to exchange some words and feeling very thankful
that I can really do it without loosing the inner state. My body leads me to the sea,
touching the water and going back home for the final stand.

Final stand, facing West Istanbul, Turkey: Feeling again a warm “shower” over my
front side which fills my whole body and soul with love. Smiling inside out!

Very slow disengagement from the whole pattern (but a part of me feels like staying a
while more with all the dancers around the world of the global underscore in rocking

Thank you all for this wonderfully deep exchange and experience!