United Kingdom

Address: Brandon Hill Park BS8 1DR
City: Bristol
State/Province (if applicable): Avon
Venue Name: Brandon Hill Park, BS8 1DR
Is it a Zoom site? Yes, WiFi allowing
Is the site open for others to join? Yes
Will it be inside or outside? Outside
If it's a physical site, will you be practicing physical distancing? Yes
Participation Option: Modified Jam Score
Practice Time: start 15:00 end 18:00
Talk-Through Time: 2:30 pm
Facilitator's Name: Agnieszka Grenckowska
Contact Email: agrenckowska@gmail.com
GUS Site URL: http://www.contactdance.co.uk


Name: Agnieszka
Email: agrenckowska@gmail.com
Name: Simon
Email: simonleach1@talktalk.net