GUS Vienna 2017


Angela Püskül – AT

Ina Sattlegger – AT

Judit Keri – HU/AT

Julia Pointner – AT

Dany Rossi – AT

M.T. – AT

Georg Maché – AT

Lucia Schmid – AT

Sebastian Schubert – AT

Harvest (transcribed by Lucia)


Doing the small dance in the direction of West I was a lot more relaxed an silent than facing East. Doing the Underscore I´m focused while dancing. I enjoyed a lot that we had so much space (we were only a few people in the space this time). I felt being part of and embeded in the group and I felt being part of something bigger and greater.


Due to the hot temperature (more than 30 degrees) and seeing people moving very slowly I got the impression of slow motion pictures. It was a special atmosphere. The sounds coming in through the open windows (voices of talking people, children, birds, …) and the wind contributed to this athmosphere. I really like the room we’re in, it feels very pleasant.


Dancing the small dance I asked myself: how small can the movement be? how slow can the movement be? The small dance was a helpful and valuable tool throughout this underscore.

I remember using the “idiot button” in a similar way several years ago…. The underscore brings more consciousness for the space, the whole group and the movements and movement-themes of one are material for the dance of others


I was thankful/grateful for the movement of others in the space. I wasn´t actually moving for a long time; The underscore creates consciousness for the group, I was in touch with everyone at least once during this underscore – via overlapping kinespheres, dancing, watching…. I experienced zooming in very deeply and zooming out very far. For me it was so essential and important to hear and learn about „the gap“ many years ago – it made me a lot more safe to know about “place”.


I thought the time structure would be too long for me, but actually the time passed quickly for me. I came here to find out more about the underscore because from earlier experiences I felt there are more limitations to my dancing within the underscore than on „normal“ jams. This time I experienced that the underscore opened up more possibilities for improvisation and I saw offers/deals also in the direction of performative ways… I got more consciousness of the group, of colours and compositions.

I liked the experience and I want to do the underscore again.


The structure of the underscore helps to get more in contact with myself; the structure supports this in a very smooth way… when you are more at home inside yourself and in contact with yourself it also leads you to being more conscious in the space and being aware of the group. the dance becomes more specific, indiviual and vivid/lively.


I saw beautiful pictures when watching…it was like watching a performance. I had nourishing dances and I felt my energy getting less during the underscore. I took this situation as an exercise to stay present where I am and how I am. Finally the time passed quicker than I thought it would.


We are practising and dancing contact improvisation regularly in this room since 1990. The underscore, the commitment for a common structure, gives a chance to experience the group…the group is developing/arising together… it´s not the underscore that is doing this, it is us when we agree and commit on working on something together…it is something natural and we didn´t prevent it from happening. I see the jams as practice and the underscore as ritual.