Dear facilitators and Global Underscore 2016 dancers,

The GUS 2016 map includes 53 sites all around the world!

You can play with it.  You can swipe, drag and zoom in and out and take screenshots to print to post on the wall for you Underscore. (the markers in the Atlantic Ocean just tell you what the marker’s colors mean)

Look out for a facing list with instructions to help with the small dance stands.

You can use the map to make sense of which city/site you’ll face.  Remember the first Small Dance Stand faces the next site to the east (northeast or southeast) and the second Small Dance Stand closes by facing the next site to the west (northwest or southwest).

Happy Dancing!  So happy your reading this and getting ready for Global Underscore.


Brandin Steffensen
(with Nancy Hughes)
(from Underscore NYC)