GUS 2018 Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Blank Space Studio

23 June, 2018
8pm Talk-through by Mimi Lo
10pm-2am GMT+8 GUS
10:50pm opening 5 min global Small Dance facing Campinas, Brasil
1:55am closing global Small Dance facing Bogata, Columbia


Mimi Lo 兩口米
Gao Feng 高峰
Emily Wu 胡秀慧
Arvin Cheng 人仔

靈性、變化、脈衝、 Spirituality, Variation, Pulse,
具質感的希望,全都被滿足了!the wishes about qualities are all satisfied!
從未細緻地看著自己的掌紋來舞動,  Never looked into my palm lines in details when I dance,
發現了漂亮的木紋圖案。  Discovered a beautiful pattern on the wood.
手指尖傳來了一次又一次的能量,The energy came to my fingertips again and again,

頭頂卻是今天最強烈的連結。but the strongest connection came from the top of the heard.
遠方傳來的每一張臉,Every faces came from far away,
讓我笑也讓我哭!made me laugh and made me cry!
身體一直往後倒, My body keeps falling backward,
許多沒預期的事! many unexpected experience!
安靜到深心處,Quiet at heart,
笑聲也最嘹亮。the brightest laughter.
時間是框框,Time is the frame,
同時也讓人放心。 it also makes people feel at ease.
隨時可以回到自己的世界,Feel free to return to my own world,
但沒有忘掉別人。but I did not forget the others.
地球在轉動,The Earth is turning,
我們在共舞!We are dancing together!

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