GUS 2016
for Small Dance Stand facings
The Facing List makes a zigzagging line from east to west (or west to east) around the planet.  You’ll face a site either northeast or southeast of you for the first small dance stand, and a site northwest or southwest of you for the second small dance stand.
For the first Small Dance Stand, face the site below you in this list.
For the second Small Dance Stand, face the site above you in this list.
The number following the site is the degree of the longitude.
Seconds and minutes are only included if they help clarify which site is next.
W indicates west.
E indicates east.
SKIP NON-SYNCHRONOUS SITES because they are not dancing in time with the rest of the sites.
The longitude assignments are approximations.  The exact address of your site may have a slightly different longitude than the one listed, but probably not (especially if we’re only looking at the degree which is the grossest aspect of the measurement).

Seattle USA 122 W
Salt Lake City USA 111 W
Monterrey MEXICO 100 W
Cuidad de Mexico MEXICO 99 W
Chicago USA 87 W
Columbus USA 82 59′ W
Asheville USA 82 33′ W
Toronto CANADA 79 W
Buffalo USA 78 W
Washington DC USA 77 W
Philadelphia USA 75 W
Brooklyn NYC USA 73 W
Plainfield USA 72 55′ W
Stukely Sud CANADA 72 24′ W
Cambridge USA 71 W
Santiago CHILE 70 40′ W
Wellfleet USA 70 0′ W
Cordoba ARGENTINA 64 W
Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 58 W
Marindia URUGUAY 55 W
Curitiba BRASIL 49 W
Florianopolis BRASIL 48 W
Brasilia BRASIL 47 W
Sao Paulo BRASIL 46 W
Glasgow SCOTLAND 4 W
Madrid SPAIN 3 W
London UK 0
Barcelona SPAIN 2 9′ E
Pontos SPAIN 2 55′ E
Brussels BELGIUM 4 21′ E
Lyon FRANCE 4 50′ E
Die FRANCE 5 22′ 20” E
Barnave FRANCE 5 22′ 28” E
Freiburg im Breisgau GERMANY 7 E
Milan ITALY 9 E
Muenchen (Munich) GERMANY 11 35′ E
Halle Saale GERMANY 11 58′ E
Berlin GERMANY 13 E
Warsaw POLAND 21 E
Istanbul TURKEY 28 E
Caesarea ISRAEL 34 E
Moscow RUSSIA 37 E
Kuang MALAYSIA 101 E
Shenzhen CHINA 114 E
Wong Tai Sin HONG KONG 114 E (Non-Synchronous SKIP)
Beijing CHINA 116 E (Non-Synchronous SKIP)
Shanghai CHINA 121 E
Adelaide AUSTRALIA 138 E (Non-Synchronous SKIP)
Newcastle AUSTRALIA 151 E (Non-Synchronous SKIP)
Aukland NEW ZEALAND 174 E (Non-Synchronous SKIP)