1. I was thinking about responsibility when I come today as a host, which is against my nature. I am observing myself and see if I am over responsible today. It turn out that I balance the situation pretty well.

2. I go crazy today. I feel connected which others because it is so dense.

3. I feel satisfied and the pure happiness today. Its like back to the childhood.

4. My task today is to enjoy. I try pretty hard to join others but not to interrupt.

5. My task today is to release myself. The whole event is a bit long to me. But I do enjoy and relax myself.

6. My task today is quite. I realized that I was a bit too quite during the event. But during the event a person come to me and we talk a bit. After that I decide to join and having fun.

7. This is my first time trying this kind of event. My task today is to ease the tense and I think do to enjoy and having fun.

8. My task today is 過癮. I think fulfill the task through enjoy myself, enjoy watching others having fun.

9. Thanks for hosting this event. Feel thankful.

10. My task today is to play with my body. I was a bit scare at the first place. However, when I join the dance I understood that I don’t need to worry about it.

11. I spend more time observing today. I found that this is like a small community. Most of people focus on the main group on the dance floor however there are other things happening at the same time  which is just like our daily life.

12. I am a crazy guy in daily life. But this dance is more crazy and comfortable than what I have experienced. And I also observed that the noise and sound made by others and I decide to join them. It was such a nice experience.

13. This is the first time that I feel so real in holding others hand and how people communicate to make this happened.