I move with no effort.
Raquel, Spain
Frame and intention, creativity in movement, and charge, we make it work, pppfffff.
Ram, Israel.
I love to play, to dance, and to play and dance.
Gregory, Budapest, France
A big playground.
Marta, Budapest
The more i relax, the more i listen, the more i don’t want to do, the more it works, the more i am in harmony witn the others.
Eszter, Budapest.
Very playfull, something takes form, and then dissipates, flowing.
Kata, Budapest
Contrast, engagement, listening, idiot button.
Attila, Budapest
Difficult to connect first, then brain less flow taken by the waves. Good way to get to know each other.
Zoé, Budapest
Jungle, playground.
Kata, Budapest
Physical efforts, but no mind effort, new feeling.
Réka, Budapest
I did know anyone, and i could ne whoever i was in the moment.
Eszter, Budapest.