Global Underscore at Stockholm 2012 from Yolanda Alonso Bothen on Vimeo.

Underscore with 82 people. All levels of contact improvisation.

A bit rainy day after a wonderful Midsummer celebration in the context of the festival.
A huge 82 people ring to start and end with. We are on a big stage and have 2 satellite rooms to play with. One facing the East,  the other the West.
We have been dancing from Tuesday at NIM (Nordic Impro Meeting).  Five days of workshops, Labs, Jams, parties at night, walking, bathing in the lake and improvising.
People are enthusiastic but tired also. Everyone want to be at the Global Underscore event. Even some babies.
We have an special button “make a sign”. That’s the material you see on the video we are sending the link ( We chose not to have pictures from the dancing.
We play bells 10 times totally to synchronize everyone, with the small dances and other moments we considered important.
We ate fruits during the sharing.
During the sharing, someone comes to the center of the circle and lies on the floor. Another person goes around the circle and watch every person on the face. Some are not happy with the election of the three spaces, others are  happy and felt it was very organic. The small dances were done on the stage, in the very same room for everyone. Felt essential to be together then. Someone said she felt the “energy wind” behind and crossing her, during the opening small dance. It was probably from Moscow and every other sites “behind”.
Someone says, in the sharing, that many, if not all, of the themes of the workshops or labs from the previous 5 days could be seen during the Underscore.
The Underscore as a reflection of the whole NIM.
Yolanda, Myriam, and 80 wonderful participants.