Options for Participation

The Global Underscore (GUS) is organized for people who are interested in the Underscore and Contact Improvisation, and who want to connect globally through this practice. There are 6 possible options for participation in GUS that one can choose, from full involvement to the least involvement.

Please read the descriptions below to determine which of the 6 Options for Participation best suits you (or your community). Make sure you indicate which option you are doing when you register your site.

A. Full Score Practice (FSP)

  • One or more people interested in the ideas/perceptions/principles of the Underscore and Contact Improvisation.
  • Dancing for full 4 hours.
  • Dancing at 4-hour designated time.
  • Everyone has had at least a 30 minute Talk-through (45-60 minute is preferable), and it is done before the Underscore Practice.
  • FSP participate in the FACINGS.

A1. Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice

  • FSP above, but not during the designated 4-hour time.
  • Non-Synchronous FSP do not participate in the FACINGS. Though partially-synchronous FSP (able to participate in one of the Small Dances during the designated times) participate in the Facings.

B. Modified Score-Jam (MSJ)

  • MSJ have more of a jam format but is influenced by the Underscore.
  • For example, MSJ does one of the two Small Dances and might do a Final Resolution, take some time for personal reflection, and have a circle of sharing at the end.
  • MSJ can be 2–4 hours.
  • Maybe not everyone has had Talk-through.
  • A simplified Talk-through might happen during Assembly.
  • MSJ participate in the FACINGS.

B1. Non-Synchronous Modified Score-Jam

  • MSJ above, but not during either of the Small Dances or less than 2 hours.
  • Non-Synchronous MSJs do not participate in the FACINGS.

C. Satellite

  • One or more people who are joining the Underscore practice for a short time during the 4 designated hours.
  • You might join the Small Dances, and in some way “tune-in” to sense the dancing and give your support.
  • Satellites do not participate in the FACINGS.

C1. Non-Synchronous Satellite

  • One or more people who are joining the Underscore practice for a short time, but not during the 4 designated hours.
  • You might “tune-in” to the Global Underscore in some way, do a Small Dance, and give your support.
  • Non-Synchronous Satellites do not participate in the FACINGS.

NOTE: If you are participating in a non-synchronous site, make sure your practice begins within 24 hours of the beginning time of the official Global Underscore practice.


We encourage facilitators to offer a “talk-through” of the Global Underscore before a Full Score Practice. The Underscore is generally not led with verbal cues. The idea is that people “know” it already and are coming together to share the practice. At the talk-through, newcomers are introduced to, and experienced Underscorers are refreshed with, the 20+ phases, 12+ connections, 7 aspects, and the glyphs of the Underscore. For a Full Score Practice, a talk-through should be at least 30 minutes in length (45-60 minutes is preferable) and be done before, not during the Underscore practice.


The two FACINGS are a way to connect the dancers at one site to other sites around the world in a tangible way. This year we create a line of connection spiraling the globe 3 times. The first one goes East to West; the 2nd one goes West to East.

The two FACINGS are “our dates with the world”!

The FACINGS consist of the two Small Dances, one at the 50 minute mark (00:50) and one at the 3 hour 55 minute mark (03:55) of the GUS practice. The 00:50 Small Dance faces another GUS site to your East. The 03:55 Small Dance faces a GUS site to your West.

Full Score Practices and Modified Score-Jams, that are partially synchronous (able to do one of the Small dances at the designated time) will be part of the spiral of Small Dance FACINGS around the Globe.

Non-Synchronous sites and Satellites are not part of the FACINGS. People at these sites can decide to face any 2 sites of their choosing during the Small Dance FACINGS. For these sites, please email us indicating which sites you will face.