Sunny day in the park
Parc Lafontaine, Montréal, Québec, Canada,

Saturday the 23th of June, 9am, Elizabeth and I arrived in the park.

The temperature was perfect. Sunny sky, a soft wind, trees all around our dance spot, even one surrounded by thousands of lite pink flowers…
We were ready for that Global Underscore 🙂 Here some of our harvest:
Benoit M.:
It was a little early to be fully awake… It felt a little bit awkward to be in the open space…
I felt like being in the “real life”! Techno music (around), group that was walking by, talking and shouting… I was feeling the connection with New-York and Brazil, they where probably hearing a lot of noises from there studio…
Looking at the list, it gave me the impression of an electronic web, a little bit like if we were connected by tubes that was giving us the opportunity to sneak a peak into each and every group around the word, dancing simultaneously. A growing community!
I’m came back in the city yesterday, and was feeling a bit disconnected… This morning, arriving in the park, observing the beauty of the nature, and my friends smile, I felt connected again 🙂
I discovered how amazing it is to dance in the nature, being upside down on someone’s back, and observing the trees, the sky, the other dancers… Wow!
Today I decide to re appropriate my Kinesphere. I fell asleep twice… my skin in the grass… it was perfect 🙂
Benoît A.:
I never felt as connected to communities around the world! I also can relate to what Pierre-Luc said… Being in suspension, and watching to world in that angle is great 🙂
It is so great to be disoriented in the nature!!!
There was two very interesting aspects today… reaching for connection and receiving connection. And also, being present for both! That worth waking earlier than the usual Saturday morning 😉
I also observed how weird we seemed to be for people that were passing by.
I arrived late this morning. When I entered the park, I asked someone if he saw a bunch of dancers around. He said:”Dancers? Nope! But there’s a bunch of oddballs over there”. Well, CI is really different from dancing. But, what is it then?… It was the first time I realized how odd it is…

 Thanks everybody for being part of this! We all made it happened! A particular thanks to Elizabeth (who facilitated with me 🙂 ), Benoît M., Stéphanie, André (who was also our photographer), Manon, Daniel, Francine, Nezha, Justin, Chrystèle, François (who wrote down the harvests), Eryn and Pierre-Luc, a small and great glimpse of our beautiful community 🙂

Benoît A.