Berlin 23.6.2012
Just a few people had inscribed beforehand for the Global Underscore. So I didn´t know if we would be just a few people. At 15 o`clock the room in Tanzfabrik where also the normal saturday night jam is happening startet to fill up with people. At 15h40 we made a big circle with around 40 people, some had travelled from Hamburg, we had guest came from Finland; Argentina, Spain.
From the beginning on there was quiet a lot of energy in the room, a lot of movement happening. I felt the dancing moved than in waves towards more internal dances to again more energetic dances. For a time sounds were coming out of the movement, creating a music and sound space to the dance….
Me and other felt the small dances very powerful, transferring like an energetic wave –  the connection to the other people in the world, knowing we are all together dancing and connecting through the dance.
Although I had placed the computer in the space and blank papers, the focus was very much into the dancing, so that we all forgot about the technology part, so that is why I am describing briefly about our experience. I hope I will get some more notes and fotos to put in the blog later.
Thank you so much to dance with all of you together.
Heike Kuhlmann