Harvest Global Underscore Hamburg

Two drunkards falling their way home. Annelie

A landscape with hills and valleys. And a landscape with water and lakes. I jumped in the water and stepped out of it back and forth. Angela Mara

I felt connected. Nicolas

I enjoyed having lots of time. A game of echos. Katze

Intentional and unintentional. How to engage with this. Being into focus and then again not. Magdalena

Surprised and fascinated by the circle of people. How I perceive people differently during dance and in the circle. Detlef

“Oops” they don’t mean me. “Oops “now they mean me. Ok, now I mean somebody. Some old stories into  a game. Thomas

Great tension between the great and the small between the strange and usual and the wish to be wishless. I was worn out but curiousity pulled me back in. Anja

I want to be with everything that there is. Not to be in the past. I have a new tattoo which is connected to this jam now. Annika

It was nice to just play. Sabrina

Surprised when the 4 hours were over. I was totally in the flow. Mattia

I felt like a one-cellular being in the archaic soup. I didn’t want to connect with people. It was interesting to still stay. It was painful but then there were limbs growing out of me. There are critical times with contact impro like today. Lara

Focus, let go, connection to earth, not to others. Martin

Touched, that two of my cultures were here and two lands came together for dancing that hadn’t been for a long time. Petronella

 Play new opened rooms. Renate

Wonderful state of bliss. Everything fits and i’m in trust. Heilke

Authentic and alive more than before. Norbert

I’ve never enjoyes small dance in my whole llife up til today. Savitri

I was a part of a river all the time and the river is flowing into the world and connecting us all: Barbara

I was practicing to say “Yes” what ever was there.  Joy but also tightness, expectation that others have on me. Nadja

My focus was trust. Be open for what is coming. And having trust to let yourself fall: Paulina