Dear Underscorers,

On June 19, from 1-5pm EST (New York time zone), we will hold a Global Underscore event. This event is directly inspired by Claire Filmon’s “Global Underscore Solstice,” an event which she created and developed with great care and vision from Paris over the last ten years with the Paris Underscore team and others. Claire will not be organizing the event this year as she is taking a sabbatical year from the project.

With Nancy Stark Smith’s direction and your participation, we have already begun an amazing event together! We are 31 locations in 14 countries. It’s incredible.

We are so excited to join together this Sunday for this special event, practicing the Underscore together and forming a circle around the world. Here is the list of facilitators and some of the participants, in the order we will face each other around the globe (we will face each other in the east direction to open, west to close)…

1. Chicago, Illinois Full Practice
2. Buffalo, New York Full Practice
3. Washington, DC Full Practice
4. Brooklyn, New York Full Practice
5. Chertsey, Quebec Full Practice
6. Montreal, Quebec Full Practice
7. Plainfield, Massachusetts Full Practice
8. Easthampton, Massachusetts Satellite
9. North of Quebec City, Canada Full Practice
10. Watertown, Massachusetts Full Practice
11. Buenos Aires, Argentina Full Practice
12. Cayenne, French Guiana Satellite
13. Lisbon, Portugal Full Practice
14. Bordeaux, France Full Practice
15. London, United Kingdom Full Practice
16. Poitiers, France Full Practice
17. Cardona, Spain Full Practice
18. Barcelona, Spain Satellite
19. Palma, Spain Satellite
20. Paris, France Full Practice
21. Utrecht, The Netherlands Modified Jam
22. Geneva, Switzerland Satellite
23. Cavigliano, Switzerland Satellite
24. Livorno, Italy Full Practice
25. Salonica, Greece Full Practice
26. Saint Petersburg, Russia Full Practice
27. Perth, Australia Full Practice
28. Coolah, Australia Satellite
29. Wellington, New Zealand Full Practice
30. Gothic, Colorado Satellite
31. Boulder, Colorado Modified Jam

We are doing the practice between noon and 4pm Central Standard Time in the US, (Chicago time) where Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas are holding a workshop. This year, we are many, some simultaneous full Underscores, some non-simultaneous Underscores, some simultaneous stands with modified jams, and some solo satellites. Mostly we begin together and end together. Trust in the power of our intention to keep our global circle strong throughout the weekend, beginning at 5pm in Bordeaux on Saturday, and ending at 5pm Sunday here in New York City and along the east coast.

We will hold our circle with our focus, attention and intention, letting our slightly different timings echo throughout the circle.

In the full simultaneous Underscores, take your opening global small dance stand from 0:50-1:00 into your practice. Face the east, towards the city listed after yours above (Boulder, face Chicago). In the ending global small dance, from 3:55-4:00, face the west, towards the city listed before yours above (Chicago, face Boulder).

If you are doing a satellite, take time to send energy to your neighbors in both directions, and to receive energy from those directions. Our global practice will encircle the globe the whole weekend!

If you are linking with Chicago, follow the schedule below for our linked practice.

0:00 start time
0:45 preambulation
0:50 opening global small dance, facing east according to the map
3:55 closing global small dance, facing west according to the map
Note: you can start preambulating or small dancing earlier than specified.

Please collect your harvests from the practice, in your native language! Post your harvests, in text, photos or videos here!

We invite you to drop deeply into this practice and bring your personal, community or global intention to it fully.

Love and blessings,
Jesse & Dey