Hi all you dancers round the world,

our wonderful space in Erlangen provided so much light, careful preparation….but nearly none of our contact community came in to join. Kalle, Gabriele and Dagmar were the only ones. As dagmar dropped in it was already past the starting Time, our decision to cancel the Underscore was already made. I feel disappointed, cause it´s such a wonderful structure and Solveig and me where so much looking forward to this event.
But as it always is in life….it is what is…
Luckily, Iris Voss, the provider of the dancing space, canceled the 100€ fee, thank her very much!
What I experienced was the question occuring: How many dancers does it take for me to fill the space for 4 hours. I still think i would have liked to take the advantage of doing it with 5 people, but the dynamic in the group was not to do it, so I followed this move. And we went to the next cafe, later on playing in the park.
At 20:00 we faced to the west with our harvest from the day.
Also not beeing really part of the global Underscore I felt as part, as just beeing with you the way our situation turned out to be.
So failure is not the question, we do what we do, things happen, we make decisions and move on, learning with awareness, descriptive,and  most of all joyfully ! It´s wonderful to read and see bout all your experiences. Thanx for all… and maybe next year.