Dear Global Underscore Facilitators,

Welcome to the Global Underscore gathering of 2012. We are thrilled that we are all coming together this year with such full and rich variety. Thank you for your presence and organization!

In order to complete our organization for our global practice, we need a little more detail from our facilitators.  We would like to gather more detail about your location, participants and level of participation.  Please fill out the attached form THIS WEEK (by June 16) so we can share your information with all of the other sites.

Click here to fill out the form after reading about the various technology components below.

This year we have some special technology components for our connections during the
Global Underscore 2012 thanks to the Somatics & Technology conference, Marlon
Barrios Solanos and Isabel Valverde.

Marlon’s website will be hosting a live global blog for real time harvests during the Global Underscore as well as live streaming videos from Underscore sites around the world. Meanwhile, Isabel will be hosting a virtual Global Underscore satellite through Second Life, a multi-user virtual environment.

You will have the option to either actively participate or to simply visit and observe any one of these technology components. See details below for instructions on each level of participation.

Remember, you can keep this simple for yourself! Our suggestion is that you read
through these options for the tech components just to get a sense of what’s going on. But
please feel free to only participate in whatever level feels interesting and doable for you
and your site. Enjoy!

Global Underscore 2012 (from simplest level to most complex):

1) Share material from your regular Harvest circle:

Post your Harvest—text and/or a small selection of photos or a short video from your
Global Underscore experience—on the Global Underscore blogspot. Jesse
Johnson will be adding every facilitator as an editor so that you can post directly on the blog. Or, if you prefer, you can send your Harvest to Jesse and the Global Underscore 2012
NYC coordinators after the Underscore at so they can post it for you.

2) Local real-time Harvest:

Have a computer somewhere in the space with a Word document open (or sheets of
paper) for people to write (or draw) during the Underscore. This can be harvested
afterward on the blog. (See #1.)

3) Global real-time Harvest blog on

This is a live collective blog for any individual at any site to enter brief texts or images
from their global practice as it happens.

For this option:
1. Your site will need a computer and high-speed internet access.
2. Your site (or an individual at your site) will need to join “” to participate
in the Global Underscore blog. It is free (ignore the “donate” prompt, you can enter $0.0;
or donate to this good cause!).
3. After joining, you must join the Global Underscore 2012 “Group.” This will be the gathering place for our digital Global Underscore inter-activities
(live blog, video stream links, etc.)
4. Suggestion: Be sure to do this well in advance! If you have any difficulties, contact Marlon Barrios Solanos directly at

***To simply read the blog without commenting, visit:

4) Live streaming video:

This is live video streaming from any/every site that can manage it, collected for real-
time viewing on

For this option, your site will need:
1. Two laptops (one to send and one to receive)
2. A webcam (the camera in the computer that’s used for skyping is enough, or you can
input from a separate camera. Webcams are simpler and recommended.)
3. High-speed internet access (not a dial-up modem)
4. Someone capable of setting it up and testing it prior to the date of the Global

For detailed instructions go to:

What will happen:
You will establish a free individual video broadcast channel (on the ustream platform: that will be gathered together with other Global Underscore video streams by Marlon.

***To simply view video streams without doing your own stream, visit:

5) Global Underscore 2012 on Second Life

For Global Underscore 2012, Portuguese dancer/researcher Isabel Valverde will facilitate
a Global Underscore satellite in Second Life, a multi-user 3D virtual environment. Senses
Places project will be the virtual host for this Global Underscore site, located at Koru
Island in Second Life. (Koru Island is provided by Wellington Institute of Technology.)

At this special location on Second Life, avatar Underscore participants and audience
will join the Underscore practice from different remote places around the world. Also at
this location, the Ustream video channels from Global Underscores worldwide will be
screened for viewing and possible interaction.

There will be a Ustream channel streaming the Second Life Global Underscore site at
Koru Island. That stream will be embedded on the Global Underscore 2012 Group page
on along with all the other site videos.

For detailed instructions on joining the Global Underscore satellite in Second Life go to:


1) Choose which of the 5 (it could be any or all) of the above technology components you want to use with your site.  
2) Fill out the form by JUNE 16 (one week from today).

With enthusiasm,

Global Underscore 2012 Coordinators (UnderscoreNYC: Jesse Johnson, Rebecca
Bone, Brandin Steffenson) along with Nancy Stark Smith, Marlon Barrios Solanos, and Isabel