Maggie Wickenden, Annette Urbschat, Leslie Cerier, Charles Dietrich, Rob Olmsted, Pauline Lefebvre, Rythea  Lee, Adam Brady, Katie Aylward, Christine Cole, Kelly Bitov, Meredyth Klotz, Felice Wolfzahn, Julie  Rosier, Ali Skalli, Kelsey Hobbs, Anna Maynard, Katerina Saligari, Sarah Young, Patrick Crowley, Torielle Lee.  
Earthdance, Plainfield, MA USA Global Underscore Harvest 2017 

We alternate in  organizing ourselves underneath one another to offer a structure of support. There are no promises that it will withstand  the compounding pressures of a body balancing on top. It is a risk we mutually choose to take. Half of the fun is in seeing what works out, the risk we take,  what feels good, what offers flight, and the feeling of strength, disorientation, beauty, and falling. How do we fall? Are we caught by surprise? Are we able to safely navigate our selfs and the other down to the ground all in one motion?

I have questions coming up around strength.
How am I stronger than I think I am?
Where am I not strong enough?
Where is there potential to build strength?
How long will it take?
What will it take?
Devotion? Choice? Love?
Compassion for my self and my weakness.
Do I have the strength to look another in the eye when I am afraid?
Afraid of them, afraid of my self.
Can I hold the weight of your body?
Or will I collapse underneath.
How will we fall?
Will we fall into each other, will we fall away?
Will we fall with grace?

Rythea Lee:
It’s as if I’ve been waiting, why do I do this? I wait to “get in my body” but then it’s really true. Here I am and I’ve arrived and it’s the biggest relief. Where was I before? Is it that old thing about the left brain? If so, the left brain sucks. I’m not a fan. I’ve now arrived with people all over the globe into our RIGHT brains, ha ha ha. This is the right place for me. I can feel you over there in Argentina and Uraguay and on the outskirts of Japan? I can feel us here in the right place for me. This place is CONNECTED to NOT WAITING. And that’s such a priveledge. And what if I hadn’t found dance and contact improvisation, and WEIGHT, would I have WAITED forever?????

 My daughter enters the room in a white dress. She is smiling. We have a contact dance that feels like spirit birds in joy. She leans back while resting on my forelegs. Someone comes over and takes her arms. We rock her and she just hangs. She runs to someone she knows in the center of the room, Sarah, and sits in her lap while dancers move around them. She is in the right place. She is 5 years old and this is normal for her.

I loved the opening stand. I loved crying for the people who cannot move because it feels so much better than shutting down. I loved that I could love them and that my heart can still break. I do break. I am breaking.

 The Underscore waits for me. For us. It never gives up.

I enter a strange altered reality with different rules of perception, and strange things can happen, and i come back to to circle and i think we all know that we were all just there but it seems to be that we are all acting normal now and sitting once again in a circe. (eyes looking around)  A funny contrast

The Underscore as a psychic or fortune teller when I enter into the U’S I find how I am really doing. (How are you doing?)  I think there is really a physiological shift in my state. Now I feel more grounded, I can feel my weigh into my earth and i feel time has slowed down a littlest and I feel just more present and a little nauseous.

I appreciate the length of time and now were in the period of time in millisecond/ To immerse and go in and ride hat long wave.

I think it is always nice, and I find it particularly the US, what ever space i am in there is a place for it, compositional, there seems to be a greater intelligence, I am always curious to why I feel that, in the U’S, it just feels easier to weave in and out of what ever it is that is making me curious. The group intelligence that helps notice the difference.

Mary Hannah
Appreciation to the invitation of “you are still in.” I think it helped me change my expectations on how I needed to be or how I needed to feel or be. step out of the  feeling that What I am doing determine wether I am in or out. It felt nice to walk into the library for an moment and sit down and still be with you and my self, and everyone around the world.  

I appreciate having the time to dance and what it is to experience it. It is so nice to be in this space.

I wanted to say as a seed the idea of a group “thing” going on, a group feeding— I forgot to say that at the beginning, so I thought it is not going to happen, and then it ended up happening. To feel the silent seed happening, and also feeling a kind of connection with the perambulation, the way we connect with everyone, the grazing and the idea of these swarms and groups working together, and then expanding out to the larger group. Also I appreciated he continuity of attention, we didn’t drop it even when people went outside.

I chose to sit out to reset myself, very very early, in Skinesphere, people were still on the ground, I felt I was in the soup of my own thing. “What is this all about, does it matter? Let me just look, let me just see,” So I just sat. So I trusted the rest of the room to be taking care of them selfs, to be doing what it was that they want to be doing. I felt like i was watching pigeons pecking, just people dabbling and grazing.  Meeting my own expectations and looking at how that meets the reality of things. I have such high expectations that I should be supremely connected even in my determinate state, and I think that is a little too much.

I am feeling really grateful. Super connected, I really enjoyed finding the gored and taking the time all kinds of places in my body that weren’t quite ready yet to move. I just really took my time and going out side.

I am feeling really lucky that the animals let me play with them. I made a fort for a baby squirrel.