Deerfield, MA USA
Facilitators: Patrick Crowley & Sarah Young
Helpers: Saliq Savage, Kristin Horrigan
(Nancy Stark Smith was sick and satelliting from Florence, MA)

Windhorse Hill studio
595-B River Road
Deerfield, MA 01342

Adam Brady
Béu Tornaghi
Christhy Mattos
Gabriel Forestieri
Ingrid Bredenberg
Jeff Doff
John Hughes
Julie Rosier
Heather Anderson
Kevin Dee
Kristin Horrigan
Marisa Voldiserra
Mete Bobbe
Liana Foxvog
Linalynn Schmelzer
Patrick Crowley
Sarah Young
Saliq Savage

Max Gautier – Blue cushions were rocks with otters and other sea animals.  Made her smile.

Meta Bobbe – Re-occurring theme of space, especially in this (Dojo) space.  Affected orientation a lot.  Waves of feeling in and out.  Dropping in to the Underscore.  Conversation with “critic”.  Holding flow between allowing and critic.

Moti Zemelman- 5 year anniversary of broken elbow and his son being born.  Had been sleep deprived when it happened.  Theme – Welcoming.  What part of myself do I welcome…and not?  Questions of what new things do I welcome at each transition?  Inquiry.  Feeling how connected to “borders” and question of letting people in…or not.

Sarah Young – Remembering a moment “It’s not really happening. People are just doing duets.”  Noticed that she was actually the observer.  Things got quieter and seemed deeper.  Process is continuous with regular weekly practices through her pregnancy.  Something about the practice fortifies curiosity.  Feeling grateful.

Patrick Crowley – Meditation cushions, child/art station, large Buddha statue and a few other elements gave 3 dimensional element to space.  At one point, I thought there was 2 hours 5 minutes remaining when there was only 5 minutes remaining. Appreciate everyone coming from afar to do this and connect with each others and those around the world.

Beu Tornaghi – Tuning into her share.  Doesn’t understand time. Rhythm, attention – our connection.

Heather Anderson – Her first Underscore. Impressed with the feeling of universality. Human resonance.  Today felt like she cycled through different feelings and human experience.  Grateful.  Range of what can exist.

Linalynn Schmelzer – Had never done the full Underscore before.  Challenged herself to not check out and tried to meet everyone.  Take away.  The language of movement is so true and a way to communicate and connect with each other.  Sense of belonging.  Seed was tolerance.  Imagined that she was going to be challenged with the length of the dance and felt supported by the group.

John Hughes- Struggling trying to feel the connection with people dancing around the world.  As he felt into it, he felt more connected to people in the room.  When he went to the piano and played one note, he felt connected with everyone in the room and also that the sound went out to everyone around the world.

Cristi Mattos – Loves this place.  Felt that space is beautiful. First time felt a connection with the space.  Same materials, floor, walls and ceiling.  Felt good.

Ingrid Bredenberg – Excited to be here, extended trip to be here. Thought this may be last time for her of doing the Global Underscore. Came with seeds of gratitude and connection. Through dances overcame some of own noise. So grateful for the Underscore vocabulary that allows seeing on another level through the language and icons and moving outside own limitations.

Jeff Doff- Grateful to be here with his daughter. Having kids has challenged time and space for dance practice, but feels can now go deeper in sharing the dance with his family. His daughter brought his attention today to fact that he wasn’t breathing. Pondering the question of exercising the “no” muscle in groups; today thought about that in relation to question of photography. Interested in warm-ups involving different elements of the underscore.

Marissa – First global underscore, came with anticipation and expectations. Vulnerability, taking risks, feeling the sense of connection to both self and group.

Dalia Doff (8 years old)- liked hearing the birds chirping and drawing.

Kristin Horrigan – Reminded of the choices we have in doing this. Gratitude for this being a place for grown-ups to play – stacking and playing with cushions, and reminder of playing with objects differently that usual and that we can do the same with our orientation in life.

Liana Foxvog: Integration. Connecting to other dances, other aspects of life, and baby holding with awareness while tuning into underscore elements.

Saliq Savage- Unwinding, unraveling. Appreciate the container that provides context for this. Felt jammy, lost track of larger composition.

Patrick Crowley – Gratitude to everyone for coming and recognition of the additional feat of doing so with children.

Deerfield, MA USA