Our group was focused, relaxed, jovial, reverent.  I thought it was helpful that everyone was experienced with it. So noone came to the Friday talk-thru which was great because Tom and I went to the space to test the technology. It was a bust actually – nothing worked.  Tom then worked on it at home that night and we were good to go Saturday.  Tom gave a lot of his time to this project. I asked Rachel Schwartz to make your famous watermelon with lime and mint which she did so well.  People really liked it.

Though only 10 people said they were coming, 22 people showed up:
Michaela Wood, Rachel Schwartz, Neige Christenson, Amii Legendre, Christie Svane, Kristen Timchak, Shelley Etkin, Gary Kuntz, Kelsey Hobbs (new Earthdance staff), Moti Zemelman, Shayna Chandelle Hesselgrave, Nina Smolyar, Dave Carrier, Phil Shinnick, Kelly Bitov, Rythea Lee, Tom Murray, Hilary Lake, Brando Brandes, Stephen Yoshen, Patrick Crowley, Torielle Lee.

I felt a good sense of group which included a few group “milling” migrations and grazing periods.  The space was beautiful and I think the subtle presence of the Shintaido vibe fed what we were doing.  People really spent time with/danced with Torielle, particularly Christie and Shayna and many others – Rythea and I didn’t hold her much!

I enjoyed feeling the other 70+ sites.  We mapped out the walls with locations and info quite a bit so people were oriented.  People went over to look at everything on the walls a fair amount.  I made a specific glyph Global Underscore map for us with a stick figure with 2 sets of those curved parentheses-like lines that signify movement in comics – for the 2 stands.  We were facing almost the same direction both times (our 2 places being Buffalo and Chicago).  So the technology piece was about 5-10% of my experience during the U’S but it took about 75% of total time in preparations.  I still enjoyed it.  When the video projection (we did this – thanks to Saliq’s projector!) was on the UK (it could only be on one place at a time) a large frozen image of Nancy lasted for a while in this powerful sassy position – for me it was a cross between a superhero and Saturday Night Fever!  Nancy and Mike in UK and the NYC folks and our 2 stand locations got their own MAP on the wall along with the regional maps of locations.

For a week before the GUS the temperatures here were very high.  Luckily it had lessened a bit for that Saturday.  What was amazing was that right after the final resolution, there was huge thunder crack and then it started pouring.  It felt like we had done a rain dance!  So soon enough people were frolicking outside in the rain in all sorts of dress and undress.  It was quite a celebration!

I felt a deep contentment in the room at the sharing.  The group was quite lovely together.

Patrick Crowley