Arriving in the space, setting up, papers on wall, computer on chair. We’ll be facing Toronto, Canada for beginning small dance and Monterrey, Mexico for ending one. It’s a clear sunny and warm day.
Smal danc e
Steve Paxton said “the small dance has no center” – I’ve been working with that.  If I stand in what I think is optimal alignment and then start releasing my muscluar work in what I think is uniform throughout my body, I find that some joints tend to move more than others.  Today I experimented with different postures and different sequences of releasing, and was able to enjoy the small dance of my shoulders and my pelvis, the small dance of my head and my neck, the small dance of my arms and my shoulders. Compression and falling as waves passing through my body… 
– –
Well, we were five souls and a fan here in The Windy City
In gym hall in a church. Music and song from the service next door accompanied us through most of the morning. Oatmeal cookies were eaten during the Harvest 🙂